“You’re lucky you didn’t burn Y/N’s friggin’ eyeballs out. You can’t mess around with that crap, Cas,” Dean said from nearby, lowering his own arm from his eyes. Cas either didn’t hear or didn’t care to answer, his sight fixed on you only. He walked forward, slow, until he was standing just before you.

“Are you alright, Y/N?”

“I’m fine,” you said. You couldn’t tear your gaze away, even though he was back to normal now. You wanted to tell him how beautiful he’d been, how you’d never seen anything like it before, but with tears still in your awestruck eyes, you couldn’t find the words.

“No one’s ever been able to see me like that before.”

“So what does that mean?” you asked.

“I don’t know,” he said, shaking his head. “But I think I’d like to find out.”

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Imagine Dean calling Cas “Feathery Ass” every time he gets a chance. Like: “Cas, you Feathery Ass, come here, pronto!”, “Cas, you Feathery Ass, hand me that book” and so on. At first Cas does not pay much attention but as it progresses, he gets confused and a bit upset, responding: “But, Dean, I don’t have feathers of my ass.” But Dean still keeps going. And one day they are shopping for groceries and Dean says: “You stay here, Feathery Ass. I’ll go and get some milk” and that’s it for Cas. He gets so fed up with Dean’s shit that quickly pulls his pants and boxers down while everyone is looking at them with their jaws on the floor and screams: “YOU SEE, DEAN I DON’T HAVE FEATHERS ON MY ASS!” And Dean almost chokes on his tongue, secretly thinking “Mhmm, I’ll be tapping that ass in the nearest future.” 

S10 finale

Something we’ve never seen before:

Everyone but Cas is abducted by aliens. Cas finally gets his guinea pig and S11 revolves around them. The end