omg… what can i say? that was pretty epic… the new varia rings look awesome =) and varia’s “box beasts” can go cambio forma now too omgomgomg bester is back… i like bester he’s cool and well xanxus’ cambio forma guns are feathery just like his shoulder thing XD and well bester’s new look XD the fight was pretty awesome… so much xanxus exposure >.< he’s grown so much XD and so it turns out that mysterious guy was dino afterall… but why did his face have to be hidden from us before… it’s not like we wouldn’t guess it was him =P hibari is still as confident as ever but he is the strongest vongola guardian XD if he can’t beat xanxus what are the hopes of tsuna being able to beat him… especially when mammon has present time left so even if reborn was to interfere with the hypothetical fight between xanxus and tsuna he wouldn’t exactly have an advantage… especially with gokudera and yamamoto too busy on their dates XD hahahaha so i dunno my guess is that hibari is going to win… just cuz it would seem impossible for tsuna to win if he didn’t and we all know that tsuna has to be the winner in the end of every arc =P and i wanna know what reborn has planned for hibari =P but then again… i really wanna see a rematch against the new tsuna and new xanxus O.O that would definitely be worth reading and fanboying over every second XD

on a sidenote: hahaha i guess squalo’s cambio forma will be a sword fish… AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA geddit? funny eh? ok fine not really… lame -.-

and also i couldn’t help but find topless fon very adorable >.<