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Queen of Shadows preview

As some of you might have noticed, BookCon has released a preview from Queen of Shadows, but only those with an Apple device can read the file. No worries if you were unable to access it, we typed it all out to make it available for everyone. Click read more if you want to read the first three chapters now, instead of waiting until September 1st.

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Thor, in this movie, felt more a part of the Avengers than he did in the first. In the first, I felt like Thor was very much treated like an outsider and his abilities were undermined greatly. In this movie, I felt like Thor’s abilities and knowledge were respected. He was shown to be as capable as we know him to be, and he wasn’t reduced to a few tropes. Thor brought his Asgardian jovial energy to the Avengers as they celebrated. Thor assessed their new enemy himself, and did not allow the threatening visions deter him from seeking out truth. Thor was proactive in doing what it was everyone else was hesitant to do, and put his trust in a new being that everyone else feared. Thor, with his extensive knowledge of the stones and guidance of the Avengers, with his mission to protect Midgard and to make drastic changes when necessary, truly came off as the god we all know he is. 


There was still a real world beyond the shadows. He was forced to participate in it by the man who had ordered the slaughter of that lovely woman. And when he did, no one noticed he had become hardly more than a marionette, struggling to speak, to act outside the chains on his mind. He hated them for not noticing. That was one of the emotions he still knew.

“And these people who used to own those bodies–they’re gone?”
Narrok’s pleading, relieved face flashed before her. “It would seem so.“


this is great

My thoughts on the first 3 chapters of Queen of Shadows:

-Dorian can’t even remember his name and he’s struggling to remain tethered to his true self. This makes me want to vomit blood and tears.

-“Aelin Ahsyrver Galathynius, heir of fire, beloved of Mala Light-Bringer, and rightful Queen of Terrasen…” now that is an impressive title. I may have been smiling like an idiot had I not just read Dorian’s POV a moment before.

-I had a mini panic attack when I thought she permanently dyed her hair but then I realized how unlikely that would be. Oops, haha.

-Straight to Arobynn, then? And what the hell was all that innuendo about?! It adds to his sadism, but I still think he’s just messing with her. He probably does feel for her in some way, but I’m still unsure if its 100% “lust” or otherwise. Aelin did mention never knowing whether he was trying to be a brother, lover, or father figure. And then he tries to compensate for aiding in Sam’s murder and her enslavement by saying “he’s changed?” Bullshitttt.


-Tern, you should know better than to screw with the queen.

-One word: ROWAN. Oh, gods. Every sentence connecting to him was like a really painful whiplash. “With the blood oath now eternally binding her to the Fae princeand him to herhis absence was like a phantom limb. She still felt that way, even when she had so much to do, even though missing her carranam was useless and he’d no doubt kick her ass for it.” I’m not crying. There’s just a massive fucking stick in my eye.

-Aelin curled up on a cot feeling numb because she lost her magic once passing through the invisible barrier made me more emotional than I would’ve thought. She just learned how to master this part of her, and now it’s been taken again (even if for a period of time) and that magic also reminded her of Rowan because he was the one who helped nurture it back to life.

-“…stranded in her human skin…” Two words: character development.

-I was clutching my pillow, waiting for Arobynn to finally tell Aelin what had happened to Dorian but then he goes on to inform her about HER FREAKING COUSIN AEDION ASHRYVER AND OH MY GODS I WASNT PREPARED. I. WAS. NOT. READY. And neither, would it seem, was Aelin. My eyes are still red and everything is numb. Not to mention, we now know that the king plans on executing him in 3 days?!?! No wonder Aelin agrees to ally with Arobynn for the time being. I would’ve too.

-Aedion is officially Aelin’s main priority and that makes me ridiculously happy and terrified because of what could happen if she’s not quick enough.

-Chaol had a female guard with him who was said to have shoulder length dark hair. My immediate thought was Nesyrn Faliq, the new QOS character SJM has been hinting about.

-If Arobynn gets his hands on one of the Valg like he requested of Aelin, does this mean that he intends to partake in the same “activities” as the king?

-Aelin Galathynius was ready for bloodshed.

-One last thing…“fire breathing bitch queen” oh my god.