Dear 5 Seconds Of Summer,

It has been a good three years since I last appeared on your EP. On behalf of every teenage girl in the family of yours and myself, we strongly urge you to take a look at your past music set lists. What is missing from them? They are all very well-written songs, and some of them are songs that I’ve known for quite a long time and have grown to be friends with. Even so, there is still a dash of pizzazz missing from the whole thing.

It’s me. I’m the dash of pizzazz all of your fans crave. It’s time for me to make myself evident. I will not sit in the shadows and let these poor girls suffer any longer. They need to hear a real masterpiece. They need me in their lives once more. This is all I ask of you.

Your friend who you have neglected for the past three years,


“Thế giới này ngoài gia đình ra, sẽ không ai dung túng cho con. Chúng không vì con tội nghiệp hay vì con xinh đẹp mà thương hại con. Thế giới này tàn khốc lắm, con cần phải có bản lĩnh của mình, nếu không không ai giúp được con đâu.”

●  Tất Thắng Nam - Mẹ Hổ Bố Mèo
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“I know how the story goes..” PART TWO


Michael + Reader

Words: 705


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It was two months after we broke up, and I was miserable without Michael.

I saw him every day, no matter how much I tried to avoid it. 

A couple weeks after the break up, I’d found out why he didn’t come after me like I hoped he would.

According to the fans on twitter, Annabelle had been planning that performance for ages. She’d dug up old pictures of me with my old friend, Isaac, and made it seem as if I was dating him behind Michael’s back.

It reinforced her story of me using Michael for his fame, and drove Michael right into her waiting arms.

I was still talking to the other boys, who told me they’d tried everything to get Michael and I back together, but Annabelle had Michael wrapped around her little finger. 

This came as a shock to me, seeing as the Michael I knew never would have let someone have so much control over him like that.

I was back in London where I was studying and the boys were set to perform in London that night.

Luke and I had been texting to meet up somewhere for a drink, since I hadn’t seen any of them since the incident.

“It’ll be fine, he’ll be out with Annabelle, trust me. He won’t be here.” Luke said over the phone. He’d been trying to convince me to head to their hotel to see them, but I was afraid of running into Michael and Annabelle.

“I don’t know, Luke..” I said hesitantly.

“C’mon, we haven’t seen you in ages and we can’t leave the hotel, Michael took the car.” He said.

Sighing, I gave in, much to the delight of the blonde giant on the other side of the line.

“Great, we’ll see you in twenty.”


There were fans crowding the entrance of the hotel, which made it practically impossible for anyone to get by without being seen.

Luckily, I’d gotten a haircut the day before and it was enough for the fans to not recognise me as I snuck into the hotel lobby quickly.

i followed the directions Luke gave me before I found myself standing outside their door, ringing the doorbell.

I heard shuffling inside the room, before the door swung open and revealed the three boys I’d grown to call my brothers. They shoved each other in their hurry to get out of the room and threw themselves on me.

There were loads of ‘I-missed-you’s’ and ‘Calum-get-your-armpit-out-of-my-face’. 

The next two hours were the best time I’d had since the breakup. I missed talking to the boys and they had loads of stories to tell me of the tour.

We were in the middle of a story about Calum finding a puppy outside of the tour bus when I heard the sound of the keycard being inserted and the door opened soon after.

The boy I’d been heartbroken over for the past two months strolled in, on his arm, the girl he’d broke my heart over.

“What is she doing here?!” She shrieked, causing me and the rest of the boys to wince in pain at her high-pitched voice.

“I-I was just leaving..” I said, getting up and reaching for my bag.

“Wait.” I froze when I heard his voice. He was the last person I thought would speak up.

Not daring to glance at him, I waited in silence for him to say something else.

“C-can we talk?” He asked, earning another ‘WHAT?!’ from his girlfriend, who apparently, was practicing to be a parrot.

“I just think we have some things we need to clear up. It’s just a talk.” I couldn’t tell if he was convincing Annabelle or me.

I glanced at each of the other boys, who each gave me reassuring looks. 

I nodded, keeping my eyes on the ground.

“Michael! What do you think you’re doing?” I rolled my eyes as I glanced up to see her clinging onto Michael and showing him her puppy dog eyes, which in my opinion, made her look like someone stamped her face with a scared cartoon character’s - distorted.

“It’s just a talk.” He replied, stepping into the other room through the connecting doors, before closing it behind me.


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asoiaf and roman sayings for anglophones (1/?)

theon greyjoy + never a joy

mai ‘na gioia ▸ literally never a joy, can be more accurately translated in never a moment of happiness; can be used both ironically and less so. quite often used to describe a situation in which you can’t find anything to be happy about, or also to describe someone with a perpetual negative attitude in life, or to express endless frustration at your surroundings.