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  • "So he calls me up and he’s like ‘I still love you’ and I’m like ‘but you’re not luke hemmings’" sweatshirt
  • "My ideal weight is Ashton Irwin on top of me" t-shirt
  • 5sos writst bands (x2)
  • Don’t Stop EP
  • She Looks So Perfect EP
  • Amnesia EP
  • Somewhere New EP
  • Phone Cases (x4)
  • 5sos bracelets
  • 5sos necklace


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did i ever tell you about when i was in the middle of an english state exam and wrote an entire essay on luke hemmings bc the title was “celebrities ruining the lives of teenagers” before finally concluding with “i shit you not”

i got an A

and no, this is not a joke

ireland is amazing for grading exams

5SOS trapped in a closet
  • M:Guys. The door is locked.
  • C:I'm scared, Luke. Cuddle me.
  • A:We should sing a song!
  • L:Calm down, guys.
  • L:And no, Calum.
  • M:What about my game?
  • L:Actually, you can stop.
  • M:I could be eating pizza right now.
  • C:*pouting because no cuddles*
  • A:But I can't stop, Luke.
  • M:*to Calum* Mommy and Daddy are fighting again.
  • C:Then who is Mommy?
  • A:*sings* WHY CAN'T WE BE FRIEEEEENDS?!!?!
  • C:I think it's Luke.
  • M:*nods in agreement*
  • L:I hate you all.

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Rating: Fluffy Puffy Puppie Cute

A/N: I never did something like this before…the au meme is based on ‘ten things i hate about you’ and also the imagine/one shot down below…i really dont know what i just made here…my english isnt good at all but i hope you like it anyway…

requests are open for au memes, fake texts, fake tweets, blurbs and anything else here


Just yesterday she told him she loved him and now he was walking around a table his hone was laying on, his best mates making jokes about him being whipped. But if he was being honest…he was whipped. And he has been since day one. Ashton had never thought about dating someone else…they always had this weird love/hate relationship.

But to have a love/hate relationship with y/n meant no touching while other people where around, no showing the world that she was all his and no cute innocent cuddles or peeks on the lips. Just teasing.

Of course she was his best friend, but also the woman he wanted to spent the rest of his life with. For start he would’ve also been happy having her telling him he was belonging to her – it especially sounded much less creepy to tell her.

“And here we have Ashton Irwin, waiting for a call from y/n, because he’s to scared to call her.” Calum said to the air-drumming guy. Ashton hasn’t even recognized his band mates leaving the room to eat something and was now pushed out of his little dream world.

The guys sat down on the couch. “Are you dating her now or what?” Luke then asked him.

Before Ashton even got a chance to reply, Michael answered for him. “He’s walking around the table, looking at his phone for an hour now…do you really think he has a clue if they are officially dating?”

Ashton just wanted to answer – probably it would have been a very sarcastic answer, because Ash was in no good mood right now – when he saw his phone flashing up. He practically jumped to his phone and read the message from y/n, the smile on his face growing bigger and bigger while his friends start to laugh – something Ashton not even noticed.

Come over, I want to cuddle you until you’re old and your dumb cute face doesn’t stop me from hating you anymore

“What’s she writing mate?” Calum asked, curious about what made him so happy.

Ashton read the message out loud still smiling like a little kid on christmas eve.

“What are you still doing here? Go!” Luke laughed while Michael gave Ashton a high five.

“See you later…” Ashton said not willing to spend more time here, while he could also spend it with you.

“If you’re good we won’t see you until tomorrow afternoon” Calum yelled after him, before the door closed.


A knock on her door made her open it. When a big Australian was smiling down on her, she couldn’t do other than smile at him too.

“Why you needed so long?” she asked him, stepping to the side so he could enter her apartment.

“Because I thought about the thing between us…” Ash answered. He actually could’ve been where he was standing now half an hour earlier, if he wouldn’t have sat on the stairs, thinking what he was going to do if y/n was going to tell him that the both of the should better stay friends.

“What is there to think? I hate you, you hate me” y/n laughed. It has been this way since the both of them met but hating him didn’t meant that she didn’t love him at the same time.

But Ashton didn’t seem to understand it. “The thing is, I love you.”

“No, the thing is I have a different way telling you that I love you to.” she said smiling at him.

A moment later she was in his arms, his forehead leaning against hers, him smiling brightly.

“Say it again” he whispered. His lips inches away from hers.

“I love you.” she said slightly smiling. Finally his lips touched hers. It was a soft but also passionate kiss.

“Are you going to laugh at me if I ask you to be my girlfriend?” he whispered, almost shy, looking into her eyes.

She smiled and giggled lightly. “Yes, but only because Michael was right…We’re actually dating for over two years.”

“You should’ve told me earlier!” he said peeking her lips.

“You never asked me” you answered innocent. He just laughed and looked her deep in the eyes.

“You know that you’re the best thing that ever happened to be mine?” he asked her, “Even if you don’t like my driving skills…or my hair quiffed…or the way I talk to you sometimes…”

She just smiled. “Do you want to know something?” Ashton just nodded and y/n started speaking again. “All the things I told you I hate about you, are the things I love a thousand times more than I actually hate them…”


So hello again, hope you like it

tell me if i should do something like this with calum, michael and luke!