I’m super late ahah. orz

Sorry for the lack of update but I’ve been facing a huge huge huge artblock -again- but I had to push myself because I have a deadline for a collective artbook. Here a WIP of my cropped illustration XD


Drawing anime 4 - sketch - draw - line art - colouring - cging - tutorial

Does anyone know of a free/reasonably priced graphics program similar to photoshop for mac? I seriously cannot find one. And they don’t make SAI for mac. I use inkscape for vector graphics but I really just want to sketch freehand again on the computer. I really hate how you have to pay a subscription for adobe apps now, and it’s too much for me since it’s just a hobby.

painter x3 is on sale for $199, is it decent? I had painter 8 or was a little glitchy but nice to draw in

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Just a video of me CGing Hatsune Miku. I accidentally trashed the first part of the video and there is no way of recovering it so me CGing the skin and some other things will not be shown. So sorry for that. But anyhow, hope you like it! :)

Here is a quick sneek at my current WIP. I am in the middle of Cging now. just barely finishing the skin. I have to go to class now so I had to stop. I hope to pick it up again when I get home. 

For someone on Gaiaonline.