"I think having kids probably helped me be a better director. It’s very hard to make a good film without struggle because movies have so many aspects to them and creative collaborators that all want to go in different directions. So there’s a patience you learn in being a parent that comes in handy as a director." —Brad Bird


Main Title Sequence for the 2nd season of Black Dynamite: The Animated Series! *STORYBOARD TO FINAL SEQUENCE*

Black Dynamite’s Season 2 Opening Title was done by Studio Trigger (Kill La Kill, Little WItch Academia) and Sanzigen (Kill La Kill Op2/Cyborg 009) (Ultra Super Pictures). 

Directed by none other than big homie HIroyuki Imaishi (Kill La Kill). 

I served as Supervising Director for this season as well as Creative Producer/Supervising Director on Season 1. Hope you enjoy!! 

FUN PRODUCTION FACT: 10 of the 22 cuts in this sequence were hand drawn illustrations (Still images& some Key animation like the foot gas pedal via TRIGGER). The rest is all 3D animated / toon shading (Sanzigen). Frames were removed and shot on 1s, 2s and 3s to give the impact of classic Imaishi, 2D style timing. During my hangout in Japan, meeting with Matsuura-san, president of Sanzigen, he told me the crew had an absolute blast producing the Main Title and felt it was one of the more creatively liberating projects they’ve worked on. Imaishi felt the show style itself was so cool to him because the style looked inspired by Takeshi Koike, which he later admitted was his stylistic inspiration for Dead Leaves. :-)



LEGO BIONICLE 2015 CGI Launch Trailer!