Jack Being The Cutest

Incase you don’t have enough GIF’s of Jack being Jack

Dancing Jack!

Party Jack!

Sassy Jack!

Spinning Jack!

Sad Jack :(

Of course we need one of him doing his intro what are you talking about

Jack being weird???

Jack………’re a princess


Jack being ironic

Jack trying to troll us all with his amazing acting skills~

Jack explaining stuffs

thumbs up!

i had his intro of course im going to put his outro


jack trolling super hard at cards of humaity while pewds, ken, and mark explode with rage

dancing like no one is watching (we’re all watching, really)

i don’t know what he’s doing here

he’s so surprised

sneky sneky jack

super excited!!!

this is literally my favorite okay look at that happy lil clap and how he takes in such a deep breat and just looks s ohappy ohmygod im keeping this forever

That’s all for now c: enjoy this appreciation post of jack