Calling All Abundant, Fat, Plus Sized, Succulent, and Thick Peoples From All Over!  

This year at the Allied Media Conference 2015 (June 18-21 in Detroit, MI) we are coming back together to continue our conversations, share skills, experiences, stories, media, knowledge and strategies to build a more beautiful, body accepting and abundant loving future!

ln this track we will gather, share and celebrate the wisdom and abundance of our bodies. Abundant / thick / fat bodies are the target of so much hate, policing and negativity, even in our organizing communities. How do we unlearn mainstream ideas of what a body should look like and (re)-learn to celebrate the diversity, resilience, wisdom and beauty of all bodies? How can we work together to deconstruct fat stigma and other forms of marginalization while building a stronger inclusive fat community? How can we challenge ourselves to decenter whiteness, capitalism, ableism, cissexism, heterosexism and classism while we explore what it means to be fat?

This track will explore these questions and create spaces to challenge the ongoing ways mainstream media shames and harms abundant bodies. Our goal in our organizing and activism is to create media and practical strategies for resistance, healing and community building. We will broaden the conversation around fat activism by centering this track on the voices of Indigenous, Black, People of Color, Dis/abled, Super-sized, Trans and Queer fat folks. Through workshops, panels and skillshares we will transform mainstream ideas around abundant bodies and create resilient communities utilizing different forms of media such as zines, theater, oral histories, poetry, social media, dance, comics, and art.

We are looking for sessions that speak to but are not limited by the following types of themes and proposals:

Fat Community 101

  • How to love your body
  • Ally building for thin folks and privileged fat folks
  • Body Autonomy and Social Media
  • Anti-racist fat activism for white fat activists
  • Skillshares/tools for surviving and thriving

Bodies, Health and Movement

  • Breaking down the connection between health and weight
  • Body movement / dance / practice for all bodies
  • Fat sexuality
  • Super-sized community members

Fatness at its intersections

  • Fatness and Femme identity
  • Fatness and masculinity
  • Sci-Fi Bodies as fat and queer and People of Color
  • Physical and mental disabilities and fatness
  • History of Indigenous / People of Color / Black / Trans / Dis/ability / Supersize fat activism
  • Tools for young fat folks
  • Breaking down discussions about obesity through race, class, gender and other identities

Fat Visibility

  • Constructing the fat body through collaborative media projects
  • Demystifying media around fat bodies
  • Cyber space/futurity and fat bodies
  • Challenging mainstream media
  • Rethinking Fat Fashion
  • Older fat bodies and visibility
  • Fat bodies and desirability
  • Oral history, poetry and other creative forms of resistance

Proposals are due March 2nd, 2015 at midnight. Submit YOURS by filling out the form linked here.

If you have any questions regarding your proposal or this track, please contact us via on the Abundant Bodies Discussion Page on AMP Talk or at

**Abundant Bodies and the Allied Media Conference is committed to creating a space that allows for access to all community members regardless of economics. We will be fundraising in the near future to make sure we can support all of the session coordinators who need it in order to give as many voices in fat community the platform they deserve.



Catching Fire + Katniss’s Facial Expressions

“Jennifer Lawrence steals the show; she captures the most raw emotions. I am convinced that half of the time she is actually feeling it. In the jabberjay scene when she’s covering her ears and she’s screaming. There’s a difference between actresses who try to look pretty when they do stuff like ‘oh no oh no’. But Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t try. That kind of emotion isn’t pretty, it’s scary. She accepts this as a reality and she shows us what that emotion looks like. - Cassidy Tucker”