Public Library in Ceuta, Spain | Paredes Pedrosa

The new Library in Ceuta is conditioned by the steep topography of the plot and by the Arab Marinid archaeological excavation of the XIV century that determine all interior spaces of the Library. Also the lack of space and the compactness of Ceuta, an autonomous Spanish city located on the north coast of Africa on the border of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, condition the proposal.

The orthogonal geometry of this ancient settlement is turned from that of the actual urban grid. This fact establishes a triangular geometry for the structure over the archaeological site and the urban value of the Arab city is included in the geometry of new building.

Photography: Fernando Alda

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Milkshake remembered her mother’s advice, almost as strongly as she could remember her mother’s voice. Believe in who you want to be, she recalled her saying, and someday you will become it. That mantra brought her all the way to Málaga, but she had worn out her welcome. It was not a friendly city to her type: vagrant, desperate, American.

She had been on the boat all morning, waiting for an unsuspecting handsome male to con. She had it all planned. Take him out on the pretense of a romantic boat ride, take his money, push him overboard, and stow away on a ferry to Melilla.

Suddenly, he was coming. An unsuspecting target, and her ticket out of here for good. He was dark and dashing, and gave her a look as he swaggered near. She was ready.

"Hey, hermoso, can I help you today? Maybe interest you in a cruise with me?”

"You can start by telling me why the hell you’re on my boat," he boasted, with a coy smile. This would be the start of a deep and dangerous attraction, one that would take them around the world, and ultimately bring them to their demise. 

SPAIN, Melilla : Spanish policemen watch would-be immigrants reacting on a fence near Beni Enza, into the north African Spanish enclave of Melilla on March 28, 2014. Several hundreds people launched a dawn assault today to cross into the Spanish city, which lies on the northern tip of Morocco, and dozen made it across. AFP PHOTO/ JOSE COLON

Y luego llegan los defensores del racismo y el patriotismo y te dicen “ACOGE A LOS INMIGRANTES EN TU CASA” y yo les digo no mira perdona el problema es que fuimos y asaltamos áfrica y américa y nos llevamos los recursos por eso hoy en día Europa está mejor que los otros dos continentes y es normal que esa gente quiera venir , entonces me dicen rojo, comunista! 

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Pachá Melilla.

Pero me quedo con la Central Ceuta

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SPAIN, Melilla : A would-be immigrant helps a commrade as others sit atop a boarder fence separating Morocco from the north African Spanish enclave of Melilla on April 3, 2014 following a morning assult on the boarder in an attempt to cross into Spain. AFP PHOTO / BLASCO DE AVELLANEDA