Attention everyone who watched Blackfish and was horrified by the cruelty!

It’s not just SeaWorld. ALL captive orca facilities need to be boycotted. Pictured above is every captive orca facility in the world. Allow me to elaborate about each. Going from top to bottom-

1. Kamogawa Sea World. (Not affiliated with SeaWorld the USA company.) Specifically, the whale you see watching his tank mate is called Oscar. Oscar was separated from his captive family because they believed he was too rough with them. So every day he would push himself onto the slide out to watch over his tank mates as shown above. He died earlier this year, after spending months and months alone. 

2. Loro Parque. Do you remember Loro Parque being mentioned in Blackfish? The inexperienced facility that had one of their trainers killed by Keto? Well this is it. The orca you see is Tekoa. Tekoa is an extremely submissive whale and as a result of cramped conditions, he is repeatedly bullied by the two dominant females at the facility. In fact, he is so badly bullied that in ordinary circumstances, he almost appears to be stripy in appearance due to his excessive rake marks. As you can see from the picture above, his health has taken a turn for the worst and he is now emaciated. 

3. Marineland Antibes. This facility is often mistaken for being one of the better captive orca facilities but do not be fooled. The tank may be large compared to other facilities but when compared to the ocean as it is in the above picture, you can see it for what it is. Orcas swim 100 miles per day but with a tank that’s only 210ft long, they would have to swim 2,514 circles just to reach their wild counter part’s. Not only that but when reading reviews of the park, it is often remarked as disgustingly dirty and outdated. 

4. Marineland Ontario Kiska lives alone after SeaWorld took her only companion back. She no longer performs in shows but rather than giving her stimulation, her trainers leave her to make her own entertainment. This video explains more about where she lives than a thousand words could.

5. Miami SeaQuarium. A lot of people believe this image is photoshopped or that there must be another tank that Lolita goes to when she’s not performing. But unfortunately, this is not the case. She’s lived there for 43 after she was stolen in the Penn Cove capture. She’s not seen her own species in over a decade.

6. Mundo Marino. That’s Kshamenk. He’s a young adult male orca. He’s sexually frustrated, aggressive, unenthusiastic and is fed a diet of fish when in the wild he would consume small mammals. The tank you see above is where he spends the vast majority of his time with a few dolphins. His performing tank is not that much bigger.

7. Port Of Nagoya Aquarium. Just like Marineland Antibes, this facility is often mistaken for being one of the better ones and on the surface, it probably is the lesser of evils. However, when you look deeper, you’re faced with the reality. Port Of Nagoya, like a lot of facilities, obtains their animals from the Taiji killing cove. If you do not know what this is, please view the documentary The Cove.

8. Holding pen in Russia. The whale above, Narnia, is just one of 8 orcas who were captured in Russia. Most facilities pride themselves on the fact that they do not allow live captures but this is not one of them. Currently, Narnia and her pen mates do not have a facility to go to so they are sat in a small holding pen until it’s built. Some are to be sent to China whilst others will stay in Russia. All were torn from their parents.

So please don’t just be angry about SeaWorld. Be angry at captivity as a whole! Boycott it. Sign petitions. Protest. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Allow yourself to be angry because orca captivity is a barbaric atrocity and it ALL needs to end. 

Please spread the word and keep all 52 captive orcas in your thoughts.

On the 11th December 1969- 44 years ago today- a beautiful 3 year old girl was stolen from her mother by a group of men who didn’t speak the same language as her. She was kept in a Warehouse for some months before eventually being removed and instead, held captive with an older boy. 

At just age 11, she fell pregnant with her first child and gave birth to a baby boy. He died of brain damage and pneumonia 18 days later. After screaming for 3 days solidly, she realised she was never going to see her son again. 

Over the next 18 years, she became pregnant a further 6 times and all of her children died either by miscarriage, still birth or lack of resources due to her captors not understanding what to do. Her longest surviving child lived for just one month. 

Eventually, she was moved to a bigger facility but was still held captive. People fought and fought for her freedom but the day never came. When she turned 27, she was played a recording of her family and even then, she still remembered them. She shook and she cried in distress at their familiar voices.

And now, at 47 years old, this little girl is a grown woman and has still not been granted her freedom. What she doesn’t realise is that her mother is dead but she still has a living sister, brother, niece and grand niece. The chances are, she will never have the opportunity to meet them.

This woman’s name is Corky II and she is an orca whale. I hope that by reading that, you do not find this story any less heart wrenching. It is because of whales like Corky II that I do not believe in or support captivity. We simply have to break the chain and start phasing it out. 

So, here’s to Corky II. For being one of the strongest and most resilient women I’ve ever known. Corky, you’re in my thoughts.

Above: Corky and her first born son, Spooky.


I’ve been thinking recently about just how active orcas are in the wild. They sometimes swim over 100 miles per day, foraging, playing, sleeping and mating! With this in mind, I wanted to know just how many times their captive counterparts would have to circle their tanks per day in order to reach those 100 miles. 

Before I share my results with you, I’d like to say a few things to save any debate or accusations.

1. I am fully aware that it’s not set in stone that wild orcas travel exactly 100 miles a day. I know that this is only a rough estimate but for this ‘experiment’, I needed an exact number so decided to use this. I am more than aware of the fact that these results will not be entirely accurate. 

2. Obviously, a number of orca facilities have multiple pools for their orcas such as a show pool, a side pool, a back pool or a med pool. With that in mind, so as not to be accused of anything bias, I used the largest pool of each facility in my calculations.

3. Lastly, I want it to be known that when working out the results of these experiments, I took both length and width into consideration and added both so that my results could give me as much of an accurate answer as possible. 

Here are my findings in order of the largest orca facility to the smallest according to their largest pool: (The pictures are in order too.)

Marineland Antibes- Freya, Inouk, Moana, Valentin and Wikie would have to swim 1820 circles per day. 

Port Of Nagoya- Bingo, Ran, Rin and Stella would have to swim 1920 circles per day.

Loro Parque- Adan, Keto, Kohana, Morgan, Skyla and Tekoa would have to swim 2200 circles per day.

SeaWorld Orlando-  Katina, Kayla, Makaio, Malia, Nalani, Tilikum and Trua would have to swim 2246 circles per day. 

SeaWorld San Diego- Corky, Ikaika, Kalia, Kasatka, Keet, Makani, Nakai, Orkid, Shouka and Ulises would have to swim 2246 circles per day.

Marineland Ontario- Kiska would have to swim 2455 circles per day.

SeaWorld San Antonio- Kyoquot, Sakari, Takara, Tuar and Unna would have to swim 2514 circles per day.

Kamogawa Sea World- Earth, Lara, Lovey and Luna would have to swim 3200 circles per day.

Mundo Marino- Kshamenk would have to swim 3771 circles per day.

Miami SeaQuarium- Lolita would have to swim 4591 circles per day.

Narnia’s Pen- And last, but not least, the 7 newly captured orcas plus Narnia would have to swim an atrocious 7040 circles per day.

It’s heart breaking to think that in nearly all of those situations, that was using their largest tank (their show tank) which they probably spend the least time in. Just imagine how many circles they’d have to swim in their back pools. Yet mostly they stay stationary at the surface. 

If you believe this is wrong, please boycott all marine parks! 

SPANISH OPPOSITION to the Aztecs’ worship of pagan deities with the sacramental aid of mushrooms was strong. Although the Spanish conquerors of Mexico hated and attacked the religious use of all hallucinogens - peyote, ololiuqui, toloache, and others - teonanocatl was the target of special wrath. Their religious fanaticism was drawn especially toward this despised and feared form of plant life that, through its vision-giving powers, held the Indian in awe, allowing him to commune directly with his gods. The new religion, Christianity, had nothing so attractive to offer him. Trying to stamp out the use of the mushrooms, the Spaniards succeeded only in driving the custom into the hinterlands, where it persists today. Not only did it persist, but the ritual adopted many Christian aspects, and the modern ritual is a pagan-Christian blend.

The pagan god of the underworld speaks through the mushroom, teononocatl, as represented by a Mexican artist in the 16th century. (From the Magliabecchiano Codex, Biblioteca Nazionole, Florence.)

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Captive orca Corky hears her family for the first time in 24 years. The reaction is heart breaking. She physically shakes and trembles.

cetas said:

Do you imagine that your resigned betazoids have problems in Starfleet with being too damn cute and not taken seriously by other species?

Totally. Starfleet academy freshmen and ensigns learn quickly that you can’t just pet other people.

Três Lagoas (MS): prefeitura pode fazer sua parte e ter um CRAS

Três Lagoas (MS): prefeitura pode fazer sua parte e ter um CRAS

São poucos os municípios dispostos a investir em centros de reabilitação de animais silvestres vítimas do tráfico de fauna, de atropelamentos, de ferimentos por diversas causas e resgatados em ambiente urbano. Normalmente, essas estruturas são geridas pelos Estados e pela União. Mas nada impede que os Municípios também trabalhem na recuperação dos silvestres.

‘O vereador Beto Araujo (PSD) recebeu…

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Captivity Kills. 
Boycott all zoos, circuses, aquariums and of course marine parks!

I hope you enjoy this short video I made!