Mon foie, mes reins, mon cerveau ont des symptômes de fleur fanée, mais j’profite de la vie en laissant la mort me menacer.
—  Lomepal
Let it Burn (Frozen)
  • Let it Burn (Frozen)
  • Irene Zhong

The flames glow bright on the mountain tonight
As the birds take to the wing.
A kingdom of dust and ruin

Where I’m finally the king

The blaze is climbing and I’ve never felt this warm

All my hurt and hate, finally given form.

‘Don’t let it out; just take this glove
Be a good boy and you might earn our love
Back down, or drown. When will you learn?!’…
Well now they’ll learn—!

Let it burn, let it burn!
Won’t hold it back anymore;
Let it burn, let it burn;
Turn my back and lock the door!
I don’t care what they’re going to say!
Let the fires rage on;
The flames never dared hurt me, anyway

It’s funny how some distance can banish all the fear
When their freezing knives and morals can’t get to me up here
It’s time to pay them for my pain
So watch as I commence my reign!
And let this be my first decree: 
I’m free 

Let it burn, let it burn    
With the heat of a thirteenth sun!
Let it burn, let it burn;
My former life is done
Here I stand; I’ve found my place!
Let the fires rage on

My power surges through the mountain to the air;
My soul is roaring forth around me in a hellish flare;
And one thought sears through my mind like a fiery lash:
I’m never going back!  I’ll turn that world to ash—!!!

Let it burn, let it burn!
And I’ll rise like  the break of dawn;
Let it burn, let it burn!
Your perfect prince is gone!
Here I stand in the light of day
Let my fire rage on
The flames never dared hurt me, anyway


lyrics from this post and jesus christ it’s perfect 

this was fun, i haven’t sang much passionate songs before