Skipping along the sidewalk the woman had no real goal for today. Perhaps scavenging for food or maybe a place to stay the night-either would work. At times she would stop and chit chat with a stranger and sometimes she would simply down on a bench and take a small rest. When she got the whiff of a supernatural being it was only in her nature to simply follow that scent, so there she went-following the trail of that which had to be seen.

+ Welcome~!

Moka’s hand trailed lightly over the outside material of her skirt, an absent movement - just checking to make sure Belmont was still there. Why she unconsciously needed to do such a thing was unclear, for if the whip had dropped from her leg, then the Moka wandering around the town (named Inner!Moka) would have been quickly replaced by the slightly ditzy and overly kind Outer!Moka.

Hmph…” Her senses were picking up on all sorts of activities - all sorts of Humans. With the Rosary still attached her powers weren’t at their full level just yet, though she had enough power to match most other S-Class types. Well, hopefully. Tilting her head, the silver haired teen paused, turning to look around. Someone had glanced her way, perhaps even for a split second but their Yoki, their energy was quite different to the rest of the humans… “How interesting…”