Another big award for Olly to take home from his labels round the world now…today in Australia he was presented with discs to certify 3x platinum sales of TROUBLEMAKER, 2x platinum sales of DEAR DARLIN’, platinum sales of ARMY OF TWO and gold sales of RIGHT PLACE RIGHT TIME! Congratulations Olly from all of us at OM Daily!

I've sang out loud to more songs today than I can count.

The happier I am = the more I sing. Unless someone is around, then I just sing super duper quietly. But right now? I’m full out going for it. 

A lazy-productive-relaxing-fit-healthy day is exactly what I needed this fine Saturday. I also forgot to mention that the owner of my gym and I were talking when I was there earlier. He told me to let him know if I eventually get my personal trainer certification because he’d be interested in hiring me to host a running group. 

DID YOU READ THAT? I’m not even certified yet, but he said to talk to him if I do it soon! I wish it wasn’t so expensive. Someday. 

breathing a sigh of relief and hoping that I passed on the first try

physically feeling like crap today (pretty sure i’m coming down with something) and my tracker confirms that period friend is starting today (definitely related) which of course made for less than enjoyable practical exams today.

so i’m just gonna go lay down and hope all these stress pimples were worth it (most specifically the one at the nape of my neck that is beginning to resemble a hunch. awesome body.)

and the kicker is I won’t know for 4-6wks if I passed or have to retake it… who knew it was this involved to teach 1 or 2 classes a week.

GIS Certification: Is It Worth It?

GIS Certification: Is It Worth It?

You might have asked what are the different GIS certifications that are available today. On top of that, is it really worth the time, money and effort to be GIS certified.

What kind of GIS certification is available?

The two primary options for GIS certifications are 1) Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP) and 2) Esri Technical Certification. The main difference between the two is…

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shelby-melissa said:

How did you become a certified life coach?

I did some digging when I first got your question a couple of days ago, and it appears as though the place I got my coaching certification is no longer around. I suspect it was some sort of degree mill because I paid less than $100 for it and didn’t feel like I learned a lot.. I learned way more from this book I read, Becoming a Professional Life Coach. So that’s a really good resource to consider.

However! There is a course I’ve heard great things about, which I now plan on taking (once I get my finances in order). It’s the Spencer Institute’s Holistic Life Coaching Certification, and it’s $200. If you’re thinking about getting certified, that’s what I would look at. :)

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Testing the goal-line technology systems

Testing the goal-line technology systems Technology partners worked closely with the IFAB and FIFA to make sure that any GLT system would work in a variety of environments and situations.

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