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If Sansa was originally betrothed to Joffrey, how come Cersei didn't see Sansa as a candidate for the younger queen in Maggy's prophecy?

I think she definitely did. In fact, there’s no way she didn’t consider it. However, we weren’t in Cersei’s head for the brief period of time that Sansa was considered a viable candidate for Maggy’s prophecy (by Blackwater, Cersei herself is already using phrases like “if you ever become Joffrey’s queen”.) Given how Cersei acts in terms of Sansa, how often she insults her and seems to hate her before Joffrey’s death, part of that was likely her projecting of the prophecy and her fears born of it.

Remember, Maggy’s prophecy was a revelation we the readers got post-Joffrey/Sansa’s engagement. Cersei’s first POV chapter, and she’s the only one who knew about the prophecy at that point, was AFFC.

That’s the joke though, isn’t it? Cersei considers all the candidates based on the people who were going to be Joffrey’s (and later Tommen of course) queen. She is spiteful to Sansa and then Margaery at least partially because she believes they are the ones- in turn making them enemies of hers (much like how believing Tyrion is the valonqar alienates him from her.) 

All the while, the reader is given the perspective of an absurdly beautiful queen who won her crown herself and not through one of Cersei’s sons who’s out for the Iron Throne: Daenerys.

It’s dramatic irony in many respects. Cersei’s paranoia of the prophecy not only hurts her and her grip on power by resulting in some rash and unfortunate decisions, but also blinds her to looking outside of her thoughts. She’s so caught up in her fears of the prophecy that she fails to account for the two people who will bring her downfall- a younger, more beautiful queen in Daenerys (far outside Cersei’s Red Keep world) and valonqar in Jaime (who’s ironically dwarfed by her fear and hatred of Tyrion.)


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Daenerys Targaryen is the last Targaryen sibling and the only woman. She proves herself to be more capable than her brother and is passionate in the fight against slavery. Not altogether different is Queen Isabella I of Castile, the last Trastamara sibling who proved to be a greater ruler than her half-brother ever was. Isabella was against the enslavement of the American people when she ordered Colombus to free a man he had brought back and established working committees to protect the natives.

Cesare Borgia was known as one of the most ruthless men of renaissance Italy. A known murderer of perhaps even his own brother, he has gone down in villainy for his crimes and is even accused of incest with his sister, Lucrezia. No doubt it’s easy to spot the similarity to Jaime Lannister, rumoured to be the lover of his sister Cersei, known infamously as the kingslayer who’s death count is countless. It doesn’t help either men that their father’s happen to be ruthless politicians. 

Isabella of France is often called ‘the she-wolf of France’ following the murder of her husband Edward II of England and her rule as regent for her son Edward III. Her father was the very rich king of France Philip IV and she was eventually pushed from power by her son and his followers. Cersei Lannister is more lion than wolf, but this makes her no less capable of organising the ‘accident’ that killed her husband. She rules as regent for her beloved son Joffrey, but is later pushed out of power by her own uncle.

King Edward IV of England was known as a great warrior king who deposed the mad king King Henry IV. He was giant for his times, a menace on the battle field, but not the most capable of ruling. After his death his children were dubbed illegitimate and the throne was debated over by supporters of his sons Edward V and Richard, his brother Richard III and the exiled Henry VII. Robert Baratheon was no less strong and powerful in his youth, defeating and usurping the forces of the mad king Aerys II, though he spent his country into debt. Like Edward, he let himself go in his later years and left the kingdom in turmoil with his son Joffrey I, his brothers Stannis and Renly and the exile Daenerys Targaryen all vying for his throne.

"Jaime doesn't love Cersei!!"
  • Jaime sat silent through it all, letting the words wash over him, a horn of ale forgotten in his one good hand. Joffrey. My blood. My firstborn. My son. He tried to bring the boy’s face to mind, but his features kept turning into Cersei’s. She will be in mourning, her hair in disarray and her eyes red from crying, her mouth trembling as she tries to speak. She will cry again when she sees me, though she’ll fight the tears. His sister seldom wept but when she was with him. She could not stand for others to think her weak. Only to her twin did she show her wounds. She will look to me for comfort and revenge. They rode hard the next day, at Jaime’s insistence. His son was dead, and his sister needed him.
  • “Her Grace is in mourning. And why would she be wanting to see the likes of you?” Because I’m her lover, and the father of her murdered son, he wanted to say.
  • She has never come to me, he thought. She has always waited, letting me come to her.
  • “I am sick of being careful. The Targaryens wed brother to sister, why shouldn’t we do the same? Marry me, Cersei. Stand up before the realm and say it’s me you want. We’ll have our own wedding feast, and make another son in place of Joffrey.”
  • "All I want is you.” He made to touch her cheek. Old habits die hard, and it was his right arm he lifted.
  • “I crossed a thousand leagues to come to you, and lost the best part of me along the way. Don’t tell me to leave.”
  • Robert’s death still left a bitter taste in Jaime’s mouth. It should have been me who killed him, not Cersei. “I only wished he’d died at my hands.” When I still had two of them. “If I’d let kingslaying become a habit, as he liked to say, I could have taken you as my wife for all the world to see. I’m not ashamed of loving you, only of the things I’ve done to hide it.”
  • I’ve lost a hand, a father, a son, a sister, and a lover, and soon enough I will lose a brother. And yet they keep telling me House Lannister won this war.
  • (…) “I could follow Cersei.” He could feel himself growing hard at the thought, and turned away so Brienne would not see.