I’m usually having a hard time on what to wear on semi-formal events like cocktail parties because I’m a casual girl and I barely attend events like this. It’s a relief that I have a few piece that I could mix match in this time of crisis!

And then right before we go, my mom made me wear a black tube inside and tights because she said it’s too revealing. I love my mom.

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Weasley shirt (turned DIY tee) DLM | DIY ragged denim shorts | Black tights | Grey high cut Chuck Taylor

I’ve been wearing this tee a lot lately since I had it customized. I’m just a really proud Potterhead. :’) I need more of this! And it’s been a while since I wore my chuck taylor. Only because it used to be overused. It was the time again, and it was still comfortable as ever.

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8 facts about me. TAG CRAZE.

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 1.) Music runs in my veins. My dad and his brothers & sisters(meaning uncles & aunties) had a band before. Then, their sons & daughters(my 3 bro’s & my cousins) continued the band thing. The family business is related to music too(recording, rehearsal, sounds&lights installations in events like concerts, debuts, etc. [so pag meron kayong alam, contact nyo lang ako, hahaha!], etc).

2.) Sawa na ko sa mga bars/clubs. Well not really. Medyo lang. Since I was a kid, I’ve been to a lot of bars/clubs already. Oha, bongga. Haha! Sabi ko nga sa #1, banda sila kuya. So malamang, lagi akong sumasama sa kanila. Kahit saan. Puyatan to the max simula bata pa. Baka yun yung rason bat di pa ‘ko tumatangkad. Haha.

3.) Malabo akong tao. Masaya tapos mamaya bigla na lang malulungkot tapos sasaya ulit. Wala namang dahilan para maging malungkot. Pero nagiging malungkot ako. Wahaha :p

4.) Um-appear ako sa music video nila kuya nung 1styear highschool pa lang ako. Nakita nila highschool at elem friends yun sa tv! Kakahiya syet ampf :))

5.) 6 years old pa lang ako, nakikipag-chat na ‘ko sa mIRC. :)) At hindi sila(mga nakaka-chat ko) naniniwalang 6y/o pa lang ako nun. :)) Adik noh. Haha.

6.) Mahilig kami magkulitan nila kuya. As in super. At pag tinopak silang tatlo, wala na, mental na ang tuloy namin. Haha! At to the point na minsan, super asaran na. Lalo ako. Sinasabunutan ko talaga ang long hair ni kuya the great panganay. Sinampal ko na. Pinalo ng pagkalakas-lakas. At sinigawan ko hanggang sa mapaos na ako. Kahit ginawa ko na yun at lahat lahat, hindi pa rin siya tumitigil. Unless umiyak ako. :)) How mean. Haha.

7.) I love to think and talk to myself. A LOT. Super deep ang nadadala ng thoughts ko. Ang dami dami nila. Haha. At kapag di ko kinausap sarili ko, feeling ko mababaliw ako. At di ko na makikilala sarili ko. Haha. Weird? Not. It’s normal pare. :)

8.) Takot akong magmahal. Paranoid ako. Feeling ko maloloko nanaman ako at may ibang girl kahit wala naman. YUN YON E. Haha.

9.) Whole name ko ay Charlene Belle Macrohon Bautista. Originally, hindi Macrohon ang middle name ko. Dapat, “Du” siya. Since Chinese ang lolo ko sa mother’s side. So, 1/4 Chinese ako. Tapos parang, para makapag-stay sa Pilipinas, nag-adopt ng ibang apelyido at yun na yung ‘Macrohon’. Ok. Ok. :)


..it ends tonight. :]


DIY Union Jack denim shorts | Blue envelope bag: Thrift | Heart tights: Accessorize | Purple feather earring: Trinkets Royale Manila | Ankle boots: Thrift

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A random me randomly thought of painting my rarely used DIY denim shorts last week while browsing lookbook. Hah. I choose Union Jack because I think it’s perfect for a denim design. I mean you know, you don’t have to paint it blue. :DD I thought I’d failed again, but I’ve learned my lesson. I dry paint it so it wouldn’t go through the fabric and luckily, it turned out good. :) Matched it with a plain tee and added contrast to it with my hearts tights and ankle boots. :) And see that envelope bag? It’s my recent hot find on the thrift store. I just have to get it and I love it! :)


Cerisse Palalagi

Cerisse Palalagi, an artist straight outta South Auckland, Onehunga proud, is of Niuean and Maori descent. She primarily works with print, painting and drawing and her works are usually a reflection of her background, her identity, her surroundings. An example of this is some of her works shown above. I retrived these images from her Facebook aritst page https://www.facebook.com/ceez.up. These works were part of her exhibiton titled ‘#SWDDT”, showcasing “polyslang”, words that we use in everyday conversations with friends and family. The aim of these works is to raise awareness around language, how it has changed over the years, “shift and loss”, a creation of a hybrid language, and emphasizing culture and lifestyle.

In these works she explores the use of text and image, something that I’m using myself in my current works. She uses slang and phrases that we, as South Aucklanders, hear on a day to day basis. What I enjoy about Cerisse’s works is that their relatable, being a South Aucklander these are words that I hear everyday and use myself also. I also enjoy the fact that she embraces both her Niuean and Maori heritage in some of her works, one of which including ‘Alofa x3’ (2008), which was part of the Flat White, Black Pearl exhibition.

She is also an active Instagram follower and sometimes uses this social network as a platform for her works. This was an idea that was suggested to me by my fellow classmates, to perhaps use Instagram as a platform to develop my works further and possibly get a good following system going.


I was so happy earlier that the sun was finally up again. Usually weather affects my mood and I was extra hyper this morning while enjoying my cup of cereal drink. And Mr. Mustache (DIY) kept me cozy. I also took several pictures outside with dad’s Pentax P50.

It was a really nice weather, not the scorching hot type of weather.

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Oversized top: Bayo | Peach Cambridge satchel bag: Coconut Gold | Peach bandage wedge: Rainbow scraps

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I love this top so much because the cloth used is super comfy, plus it’s stretchy. I could move around easily. I finally got this cute satchel bag from Coconut Gold. It’s more affordable than the rest that I’ve seen. :P And this peach bandage wedge! I just have to get it because It’s so pretty pretty that I have to wear it immediately after it arrived.


Lace dress: Thrift | Flower lace clip: SM accessories | Brass cross necklace: Forever 21 | Heart tights: Accessorize | Blue print oxfords: Artwork

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What I wore last Sunday when I went to a baptismal(reception lol) with my sister and niece. I have a fetish for laces lately. This is one of my favorite dress so far. I love the layering and the crochet neck line. It’s simple yet chic. Matched with a flower clip, then heart tights and I like that my lace-up’s color is off. :D