Episode 5 - 3/19/15

Guest: Anthony Anzaldo (Ceremony, Ex-Youth, Creative Adult, The Videos)


01. Burning Love - Mess 
02. Pity Sex - Keep
03. No Tolerance - You Never Learn
04. Nothing - Bent Nail
05. Dangers - Opposable
06. Murder City Devils - Get Off The Floor
07. Ceremony - Hotel
08. Paint It Black - Greetings, Fellow Insomniacs
09. The Videos - You Were Wrong
10. No Limbs - Help Me / End Me
11. Angel Olsen - Forgiven / Forgotten
12. Ex-Youth - Don’t Talk To Me
13. Night Sins - To London Or The Lake (Anthony’s Favorite Song Choice)


Maori Woman Warrior  

Interview with a young Maori woman, following in her ancestors footsteps, who performed the “challenge” to a British government during a formal Powhiri, or greeting ceremony. 


Here’s an awesome Japanese tradition we’d love to see get started in the US: cosplay at college graduation ceremonies. You can keep the solemn processional and recessional marches to the soporific tune of Pomp and Circumstance. Keep the guest speakers and inspirations speeches. By all means announce the names, hand out the diplomas, and applaud the accomplishments of the new graduates. But throughout all of that, let’s allow students to dress up in costume. It won’t be mandatory, because that wouldn’t be fun at all, but having some people dress up in cosplay while others wear the traditional graduation gowns (as opposed to suit and kimonos in Japan) would be super awesome.

Just look at these students attending their graduation at Kyoto University and Kyoto City University of the Arts. It’s delightful. They’ve all worked so hard and now they get to graduate looking as wonderfully weird as they can manage.

Head over to Kotaku for additional photos.

[via Kotaku]


Ceremony - “The Separation” + “The Understanding”. 
Directed by Ross Thomas. 

From the album, ‘The L-Shaped Man’, out May 18/19