cerealfurunicorn said:

Response to your reblogged post(because people doesn't seem to understand why I'm sending them these things): "describe a tv show very badly in my ask and i’ll try to guess what it is". That show about the the most prominent of the genetically-engineered Human augments with special powers living with a hobbit doing thing out of the ordinary.

wow im bad at this is it the tomorrow people?? i have no idea omg 

to cerealfurunicorn

thank you for sending me such a lovely fanmail! It really brightened my day considering I’ve been losing followers by the pound these last few weeks, glad to know that I’ll always have at least one!

thanks again

5 facts about me

i was tagged to do this by dissim-ulated 

  1. I love spending time with my puppy dog Sherlock
  2.  wanderlustheartandsoul is my bestie
  3. Halloween is my favourite holiday
  4. i’m a lecturer at Challenger Institute
  5. I hated high school and dropped out in  year 12 

now i have to tag 5 followers to do this