This piece took forever, but i’m pretty happy about it. She is covered/ being consumed by succulents. In the past i’ve always envisioned myself doing super detailed work, but actually doing makes me want to die a little bit. Once its finished its such a great feeling. Will be doing some clean up on this piece once its bisqued. It was scary handling this piece.

From top: pitchers by Katsumi Machimura, glass bowls by Momoo Omuro, cup-objet and sphere by Yuji Ueda, vase by Yukiharu Kumagai, oblong ceramic box by Katsumi Machimura.

「食料貯蔵室 」
上から: 片口 町村勝己、ガラスボウル大室桃生、陶芸 上田勇児、 花器 熊谷幸治、陶芸箱 町村勝己。

Lidded Vessel with Image of an Open Hand

Maya, A.D. 200-400

Furnishings; Accessories

Slip-painted ceramic

Diameter: 6 4/5 in. (17.272 cm); 8 4/5 x 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 in. (22.352 x 16.51 x 16.51 cm)


I know this is random but I’m trying to sell my Rainbow Dash Ceramic that I made a few years ago in order to pay for school supplies.  It’s hand sculpted, glazed and fired, stands on it’s own and is 13” x 6” x 10”. Please, even if you don’t like MLP, spread it so that someone who does might see it.  I really need it sold before school starts!  Thank you!