Marina Kuchinski: John Michael Kohler Arts and Industry Residency, 2014

During the residency I have created a few bodies of work including figurative animal and human forms as well as readymades and found object casts utilizing Kohler’s ceramics facilities. I have incorporate multiples and one of a kind pieces in work in series. The access to the unique facilities and the opportunity to work with Kohler associates provided me with an exceptional experience that has inspired my work.

Project created in Arts/Industry, a long-term residency program at the John Michael Kohler Art Center Inc. Arts/Industry takes place at Kohler Co.


hufffsss sorry for the absence, the school year is off to a busy start uvu I’ve been very preoccupied with my sculpture and wheel throwing classes - spent probably a third of my waking hours in the ceramics room for the past couple weeks x.x

here’s why! our first project is to build something life-size based on a memory, event, or dream. There were lots of problems along the way but I think I like how this one is going. Stacked together, it’ll be over 6 feet tall (if the base doesnt shatter into a million pieces in the kiln, which I am fully expecting. check out those cracks yo)

anyways, now that this monstrosity of a project is (half) over, I’m hoping to spend some more time on digital stuff and commissions C:


Andréa Keys Connell: The Pursuit of Hercules, 2011

This piece expands on themes from a previous installation that dealt with inter-generational trauma, i.e., the unresolved affects of trauma that have been passed on from one generation to the next. I wanted to further explore the nature of trauma, this time specifically in relation to archetypes of heroism and the heroic’s relationship to violence. 

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Presenting my new tiles! I have been dreaming of creating tiles for a long time and finally I got round to it. Little squares of composition suit me just fine. They are intended to be put onto a wall to spice up your walls. But I have sold lots singularly, as people like to use them as place mats