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I tried to loosen up a bit with my drawing and painting style instead of my tight, obsessive detailing. Studio engobes (colored slips), made by hand, instead of commercial underglazes. On the inside I used a very warm, honey and buff glaze, the outside is left unglazed for a dry, rustic appearance.

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etsyfindoftheday 1 | 11.26.14

ring dish with gold accents by potterylodge

today i’m going to do a little mini shop focus on potterylodge … for the sole reason i couldn’t pick which one i wanted to feature today ;) they’re all so pretty! let’s start with this pretty mottled blue ring dish, with glimmering gilded accents. check out the other color options available, too!!


The project develops on and old pottery complex, an exhibition center of ceramics, an interpretative center on different tourist routes in the quarter of Triana, as well as different areas for the commercial and productive activities of the Santa Ana Pottery Factory.

From the outside, the complex shows a heterogeneous image that tells us a story inherently related to the culture of Triana (pottery industry, trade, and housing). It consists of two 
interconnected plots where there are three different buildings attached to each other with different facades onto the street.

More pictures: http://bit.ly/1z2Ly9Y

CENTRO CERMICA TRIANA , Seville, AF6 Arquitectos

Credits: Jesús Granada | fotógrafo de arquitectura