“It’s known as ‘Seungri Academy’ but the real name is ’Joy Dance - Plug In Music Academy’.  They provide dance and vocal training.”

  • 2NE1’s Gong Minzy
  • 2NE1 Dara
  • KARA’s Goo Hara
  • Jung Seulgi
  • Jewelry’s Park Semi
  • Nine Muses’ Pyo Hyemi
  • SPEED’s Choi Sungmin
  • TARA’s Ryu Hwayoung
  • Kang Soyeon
  • BTS J-Hope
  • B.A.P Zelo
  • BIG STAR Jung Sunghak
  • EXID Seo Hyerin
  • Kim Sun Ah
  • Heo Nam Ho
  • SPEED Kim Yoo Hwan
  • VIXX Han Sang Hyuk
  • C-Clown Kang Jun
  • Ladies Code’ Zuny
  • 5Dolls Seunghee
  • Top Dogg Jun Hojoon
  • Top Dogg Kim Sangkyoon
  • Lee Gun Min
  • Laboum Soyeon
  • LC9 AO
  • Ji Na
  • Kim Min Kyung
  • ZEST Choi Minho
  • Jo Sojin
  • WINNER Kim Jinwoo
  • Kwon Doyeon

Seungri himself is graduated from here. But he owns part of it in shares. He has donated money when he was still young in BB but later bought shares and expanded the company to other places and branches. Baisically it’s his connections that get them the best teachers, the best sound systems, the best practice rooms, materials..ect.

That’s why they call it Seungris academy, because it’s thanks to him that that academy has grown into what it is today.

He co-owns the one in Gwanju but owns 2 other himself and another one is in hong kong.


​Why one CEO is paying for college for his workers’ kids

For Boxed chief executive Chieh Huang, a nearly empty parking lot at his company’s Atlanta warehouse prompted some soul-searching.

“I noticed there weren’t a lot of cars in the warehouse parking lot,” Huang told CBS MoneyWatch. “I thought they were on lunch break, but they were at full shift. A lot of folks, I realized, just couldn’t afford cars.”

That prompted Huang, the son of Taiwanese immigrants, to think about how his e-commerce startup could help his employees’ families climb the socioeconomic ladder, while also inspiring loyalty and commitment among workers.

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Top U.S. CEOs now make 373 times the average rank-and-file worker!

The average U.S. worker has seen wages climb slowly over the past year. The average big-company chief executive has seen compensation jump far more substantially.

CEOs at the nation’s largest publicly traded companies received 373 times the compensation of the average production and nonsupervisory worker last year,according to a new report Wednesday by the AFL-CIO. Figures compiled by the union federation show that the gap widened from a 331-to-1 ratio in 2013 as overall CEO compensation rose nearly 16% last year. The average worker’s wages rose just 2.4%.

The average worker earned $36,134 in 2014, while the compensation for CEOs at S&P 500 companies averaged about $13.5 million, according to AFL-CIO calculations.



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A good rule to follow!
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