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why did you start cosplaying and why do you like it so much?

yaaasss guuurrrll lemme tell u

I started cosplaying because of two fine ladies, jenni and skye

okay so basically it was around last year (2012 wow) that I felt myself getting more and more sad and just really felt broken. I didn’t wanna do much, so I sat around on my ass all day and just really didn’t feel good about myself.

So I was scrollin’ through tumblr one day and I had seen a picture of Skye and Jenni and they were cosplaying Evangelion, I think. And I just saw it and was like wow holy fuck, they look rad as shit. So I creeped up their facebook cosplay pages, dA’s and tumblrs just to see more and more of their work. Because holy fuck, cosplay looks like a blast (it is). I mean the fucking craftsmanshp they put into all their costumes and the photos come out amazingly it was just like wowowow. I didn’t really get around to wanting to cosplay until about this May, when I went to my first anime convention as Super Sailor Moon (lulz). Idk I just really think they are my inspirations for cosplaying and helped me with the depression that I was in. So, right now I can completely say that cosplay and supportive friends and just all around positive things have kept me away from self-harm and yeah!! I’m a lot happier now thanks to that. yee

I like it a lot for the reasons stated above and just the fact that it’s a real positive community. I’ve yet to see cosplayer talk shit about another cosplayer (though, I’m sure it has happened before, it happens with everything). But everybody respects each other because of the time and effort they put into cosplaying—whether you buy or make your own cosplay.


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Just wanted to forward this to tumblr as well - I created a facebook page for my cosplay!! If you like my cosplay and could take a second to like the page, I’d love you forever!!

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Thanks everyone!!