So lately I’ve been in this part of my city I had never been before, the Centro Direzionale of Naples.

It’s a relatively new area, built only a couple of decades ago, that hosts a variety of offices and administrative buildings, such as the Courthouse, and even a Church. The only reason I went there in the first place was that I had to deliver some burocratic papers.

And honestly, I was amazed. Maybe this is extremely common elsewhere and I realize I may look like a country guy going to town, but if you’ve ever been in Italy you will know that its architecture style is classic, ranging from renaissance to a 1800’s style, and this was the first time I had seen so many modern building here, in my own city in Italy. Roads were built underground, there were plenty of space to walk, from large avenues, decorated with plenty of green plants, to the cute galleries between buildings, with shops and workers hanging around taking a break. My comment was “hey, this looks like a northern europe city!”

So why had I never been there? It saddens me, but this beautiful zone is basically only for offices. Beside its sheer elegance, there’s not much else that would attrack people, it feels somewhat sterile, and apparently it becomes a ghost town during festive days. And it’s a shame, if you ask me.


ieri ho fatto l’esame FCE del Cambridge ed è stata una giornata estenuante ma piacevole. devo dire che il centro direzionale mi è sempre piaciuto fin da quando ero piccolo e quindi aver fatto l’esame lì ha aiutato. nonostante l’ansia e la paura di poter fallire, sono soddisfatto del mio lavoro durante l’anno, anche se è stato il minimo ed indispensabile.
adesso l’estate è davvero cominciata.