Aquí nuestra pieza para el proyecto CIUDAD INTERVENIDA; entren a la página y echen ojo a todos los trabajos de nuestros talentosos amigos Simon Gerbaud, Llamarada de Petate, Diez y media, BASA y Atotonilco estudio.

another photo from the Central de Abastos Market in Oaxaca. this is not the market right off the central plaza but more or less the wholesale market that is used by farmers from all over the region. the amount of stuff one can buy there is insane. there are mountains of mangos, papayas, onions, all kinds of herbs, chickens … and anything you could ever think you would need. between the inside and outside space the market covers probably two football fields and it is easy to get lost in the narrow walkways. but if you want to get a feel for the food culture of oaxaca it is a great place.