Band-e Amir, Afghanistan: (sources in captions) Band-e means “Dam of the Amir”, it refers to the five lakes high in the Hindu Kush Mountains of Central Afghanistan near the famous Buddhas of Bamyan. They were created by the carbon dioxide rich water oozing out of the faults and fractures to deposit calcium carbonate precipitate in the form of travertine walls, that today store the water of these lakes. It’s a series of six deep blue lakes separated by natural dams made of travertine, a mineral deposit. 

Women Cooking, Afghanistan

Photograph by Thomas Abercrombie

"I have been spoiled by hosts all over the Middle East, but in the art of hospitality no one excels the Afghans. With their fire crackling, the women prepare to bake nan, an unleavened bread of rough-milled flour that serves as an Afghan mainstay."—Thomas Abercrombie

National Geographic magazine, September 1968


Skateboarding through Central Asia

By Daniel Zvereff

In the summer of 2011 I travelled from Western China by train and bus through Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and then after being denied entry into Turkmenistan found myself in Afghanistan. Traveling with a group of skateboarders who were all from western nations, we experienced a plethora of insanity and were in a state of constant awe. This truly is an immensely fascinating part of the world.

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