Oh yeah, here are a collection of Centiwheats doodles~

He is just… he is fun to draw. I always love trying to draw his crazy anatomy and I like seeing it but I’m always torn because I want to use him as a fashion hanger. lol

He is such a freakish cutie ugh <3


This was done a while ago for the finals in that one stupid art class I did actually. I just figured I should clean them up a bit first. The paper was too long and I had to scan them a couple times to get the whole pic in. :P

Anyway more adorable Centiwheats~

His anatomy is seriously so much fun to try and draw although his feet gave me a hard time I remember hhhh.

Also I think Centiwheats has just kind of become his own character I dunno. I like the concept of him a lot and would like to use him as an original character someday and have his own little story. hhghg But then that’s what usually ends up happening with anything I do… ffff