Finally!!!! After a few weeks of hard work I can finally do a headstand!!! It’s so much fun and so relaxing to stay in this for a while and just clear my thoughts. It centers my mind and makes me focus on my balance and form instead thinking about what I have to do later that day or week. It allows me to live in the moment without stress and be one with my soul for that short time I’m in the headstand, while teaching me how to connect my mind, body, and soul in the rest of my day as well. And slowly I am getting there. Yoga is more than just an exercise. It’s a way that you should think and live by. I just wish more people saw that.

I started my day with an informative grand rounds at the burn center ( pediatric ward ).
What caught my interest was a newly admitted burn case of a 5 year-old female patient. She was sitting silently on a bed in the treatment room with teary red eyes waiting for her injured foot to be washed and cleaned.
After finishing the round I couldn’t resist my curiosity, followed the chief resident inside the treatment room and asked him to explain what happened.
He said that yesterday night while the child was riding on a motorcycle with her uncle she came into contact with a hot surface ( the motorcycle exhaust ) and burnt her left foot.

Burn injuries are often talked about in terms of degrees.
According to my resident this case is a mix of 3rd and 4th degree injuries and to estimate the size of a burn we can use the “rule of nines”. Here it’s about 2% TBSA ( total body surface area ).

1) Debridement ( the dead tissue in the burned area shall be removed surgically )
2) A skin graft is necessary

#Take home message: FOR GOD’S SAKE, 5 y/o children should not be allowed to ride as passengers on motorcycles.