Look what came!

Since I am in charge as community manager on one gaming portal ( I write from time to time things about games, cosplays and I am in charge of their facebook page)…this is my reward.  They bought it for me. 

And oh holy molly, if any of you will say ” ah, they don’t have a lot of details”. Please, look at Cent. He have more details that you can damn imagine. I already knew he have a lot of them. I won’t say about Four’s gauntlet or Three’s leg things! My fav Intoner beside Zero is Four and Five, so ;3; Four is so cute.

Beside that, I had a little fun with brother at fabric store. he helped me choosing fabrics for female Booker. And also for kiriye's shirt for Lilith!

And next week I will finally go to kiriye <3! Expect a lot of nerdiness coming. Maybe we will make Chubby Bunny challenge…


"Dear Aunt & Uncle, Just a line to let you know that I am still alive and well and hope you are the same. Am having a fine time here playing with the watches. Will be home Jan 1st and will see you all then. ABS”
Waltham, MA
Postmarked 1915

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ENJOY! one of my fav graff videos