Happy 20th birthday, Kacy!!!

Honestly, I wanted to write something heartfelt here, but I think we both know that’s not me. So just thank for being my sister or whatever and also listening to music with me a lot even though it’s usually weird rock that confuses me (Dracula???) and hardly ever Kanye and almost never Frank Ocean and not even “What Makes You Beautiful” that one time your phone played it.

Anyway, I hope your birthday’s great and you have a hundred billion more!!!

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Ziam brotp fighting invading aliens

Liam’s glad that Zayn knows what to do because he doesn’t have the slightest clue; that feeling, of course, fades when Zayn passes him a box cutter. “How’m I supposed to fight an alien with this?”

“Let’s find out,” Zayn says happily, a glint in his eyes that is very inappropriate for the situation (and when this is all over, Liam’s going to have to hit him for that. Hard.).

i had a bunch of little pictures of Liam that came in this photo packet thing that my mom bought me one time, so i stuck two on Kacy’s door (because she loves Liam lots and lots) and my dad looked at them and said “wait, isn’t this Kacy’s room?”

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In hindsight, Louis should have listened to his mother when she told him that he needed more bells to move away from home. He didn’t listen however and was now stuck working for a stinky raccoon think. No matter, Louis was going to get him back.

‘tom nook sucks !’ he wrote on the bulletin board that he was instructed to advertise the store on. He chuckled, proud of himself. That’d show Nook.

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Zayn as Edward in Twilight

“How long have you been seventeen?” Bella asks, leaning impossibly closer to Zayn who can feel a rush of embarrassment for her.

Because, hello, he’s Zayn Cullen and he doesn’t have to answer some Arizona bitch’s questions about how old he is. Still, he smirks. “Didn’t your parents teach you to respect your elders or was that something that was lost with the nineteenth century?” He figures she’ll understand him now.

“Are you 100?”

Zayn rolls his eyes and walks away. He does not have time for Bella Swan.

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Niall sings a love song to his one true love, chicken nuggets

Niall can feel the nervousness bubbling up in the pit of his stomach; this is the first time that he’s played a song that he’s written all on his own and the first time that he’s playing it for them.

From their own spots on the stage, Niall’s bandmates look at each other awkwardly until Louis speaks up. “OH, FOR GOD’S SAKE, NIALL. ARE YOU SINGING ABOUT CHICKEN NUGGETS?!”

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Niall’s been in this strange world for a few days and somehow, people have ended up convinced that he’s from some made up place named “Zanarkand” which kind of hasn’t existed for 1000 years. But that’s okay. He can roll with it. After all, his cool new friends have invited him on a road trip thingy! …except they might die, but Niall’s trying to look at the positives here.

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“It’s a nice dress,” Liam announces, sounding a bit offended that his fashion sense is apparently being judged in such a way.

He’s met with a grunt and a sigh. “I don’t see why I have to wear a dress… and for the record, I am not your girlfriend,” Harry mumbles as he takes Liam’s arm rather aggressively.

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Zayn doesn’t think that he’s asking for much (rather, he knows that he isn’t); all he wants to do is see his friends– their friends, really, because they’ve been dating long enough now that he thinks that their friendships have become fairly mutual– and Perrie is making that completely impossible by sitting on the couch. She’s watching some documentary and how yarn is made that she can not be enjoying. Of course, when she looks up at Zayn with a smile and says, “Let me finish this and we can go out later”, how’s he supposed to say no?

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an otp you think i would like on a spaceship

i’mma do Gryles o3o

Grimmy blinks at Harry incredulously like he cannot for the life of him figure out why in the world this would seem like a good idea to the younger boy, but then, that was something that he constantly encountered with the other. “Do you even have oxygen? Harold, you could die!”

Harry seems to consider that for a moment before groaning in a way that is much louder than necessary. “Yeah, but I’m bored!”

“Yes, I’ll have that put on your gravestone. ‘I was bored so I died’.” Grimmy replies sarcastically and slaps Harry on the back of the head.