I’ve been puzzling all day about my assignment to bring something “materially queer” to my English class tomorrow, not sure what it actually meant. Having researched, and trying to be creative, I’m hoping my lovely Celtic cross will suffice! Let’s bring religion into this bad boy (as usual!)

anonymous said:

Oh I was going off the actual real live this has totally happened before Celtic League that met in like the 1890s. Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Mann, Cornwall, and Brittany all sent members and created pan-Celtism. They are the six Celtic Nations and kind of have a unofficial cultural alliance with each other. Galicia applied for membership but was rejected because they didn't speak a Celtic language.

Yeah, I know, but if I’m going to consider Cumbria then I have to be fair and offer it to anyone who wants in, even with highly tenacious claims. My mother-in-law is firmly of the view that we essentially retake the North in this scenario, mind, on the grounds that “It was ours first if you think about it, and it’s not like southern England would care. Did you know Cumbria means - ?” because that last fact just follows me everywhere whenever I mention Cumbria.

I’m very clear on the dragon, though. No dragon, no alliance.