Damn, what an amazing ass game! Can’t believe the Celtics lost. 23 straight for Miami! This is one intense game…gonna be close! Just under 3mins left. 101-100 Heat. #Celtics #HeatStreak #celticsvsheat (at TD Garden)

Dear Celtics...

Dear Celtics,

I know you’re doing really bad against the Miami Heat, and I love watching you guys play…but let’s get straight to the point: Ray Allen (and his team) are whopping your asses. I mean I know they have Lebron James and Dwyane Wade…but come on. Ray Allen is one person. Oh, and also, just so we’re clear…Ray Allen didn’t even start for the Heat. I know that makes absolutely no difference what-so-ever, but I’ve learned that a coach puts some of his best players out first in a game he knows he may lose. (So, sorry Ray, guess you’re not good enough to start NOR are you the “secret weapon”) And Kevin Garnett, don’t you dare try ‘n be like “oh he’s my friend i’m not gunna try and hurt his feelings” no I saw that clip of you being nasty when he tried to be nice, I know you’re mad and hurt cause he went to the opposite team. So channel that anger and BEAT MIAMI. And The Big Three, Rajon Rhondo, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, just remember…Ray Allen was nothing without you guys.



(I know I’mma get a ton of shit for this, but I’m seriously pissed at the Celtics right now. ESPECIALLY RAY ALLEN.)