A Prayer for the Ancestors at Samonis (Samhain)

"Along dark paths, from a dark land,
From a dark hall, with grey walls of clay.

Cold the wind there, and cold the land,
Cold under apple-trees, in Sucellos’ dark realm.

But warm by my hearthfire, and warm is the bread.
Warm is the ale, which waits for you here.

For you a bright light, to brighten your path,
To a bright hall, where family waits.

Hurry now ancestors, the way is open.
I recall your deeds, not unmindful of fame.

It is fitting that we remember tonight,
At the turning of the year.

Mothers of my mother, fathers of my father,
In remembrance I pour out beer for you,

In remembrance I offer you bread.
Feast with us tonight. Accept these offerings.”



“Are dubusentus, au dubutiresi,
au dubutegesi, rati letoglessas.

Ougros so wintos, ougron sin tiros.
ougros wo aballas, duburigye Sucelli.

Cliton mon aidu, cliton sin baregon,
cliton sin curmi, are yo woset du swus.

Loucos wolougos, disclairet are sentun,
Po loucotegos, yon arewoset si wenya.

Redosagyete seniasamones, sentus est adcoros.
Atecoman est moi wreyfuwon rogeneson,

Nest ancoman cluti senisamonon.
Yalos est do comane, yon wertat bledani.

Matres mon matros, atres mon atros,
are atecoman di-swus newu sin curmi,

are atecoman ad-swus beru sin baregon.
Edete atawu con snus sinnoyti, gabete sinda adberta.”

From Logodœdalus.

celtic-romulan said:

If you listen to the commentary on Episode 3, they explain why they pronounce the names like "Schpringah" or "Rein-ah". They wanted the pronunciations to be as believably German as they could without using stereotypical German accents. Something along those lines.

Ahh, that explains it. Thanks c-r. I’ll add the commentary to my long list of things I should watch.

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