Just watch it, it’s beautiful

  • Sherlock Theme For 6 Cellos

Well I finally made it guys, the +10 milestone, as I said before, I know it doesn’t mean that much for others, but I’m quite accomplished with it and for that I thank you all!

Since my last BBC Sherlock and Elementary fan pieces were a success I decided, “Hey you know what, why not combine the two?” and I did! Combining the BBC Sherlock Theme and Elementary’s use of cellos by Zoe Keating, I made a piece for 6 cellos were I make my own arrangement and variations of the Sherlock theme and it’s the longest piece I’ve posted on this blog. So with no more delays, here it is! Enjoy!

PS: If you’re unfamiliar with Zoe Keating, I suggest looking for her on youtube, she’s a great artist! 

PSS: The track is 4:21 long, so if you want to go right to the melody, go to 0:43 from there. 

Summary of orchestra:
  • First violinists:"OMG what do you mean we have to rest for FIVE MEASURES???"
  • Second violinists:"Hey why do we never get the melody? Come on, man."
  • Violists:*Shitty, out of tune notes*
  • Cellists:"Haha we kick ur asses violinists ur such divas"
  • Bassists:*Too stoned/otherwise apathetic to care about playing the same two notes the entire piece*