Born in Côte d'Ivoire in 1954 to parents from Benin, Cella Stella is an artist know throughout several countries in West and Central Africa. Her music cuts across various genres including Makossa, Soukous and Highlife.

She came from a family full of musicians that including, aunts and uncles, as well as her grandmother. In 1974 with the help of Cameroonian composer and poet Eboa Lotin she had her first studio experience lending her talents on his album ‘Jale.’ A few years later, in 1979, she would collaborate with another Cameroonian musician Brilliant Ekambi, who would be instrumental in launching Cella’s career and a fan base for the artist in Cameroon, thanks to her debut album released in 1980.

One of her most notable friendships was with South African singer Miriam Makeba. The two met during Miriam’s visit to Cotonou where the they performed alongside each other. Makeba and Stella would go on to tour and perform in countries like Liberia and Togo. Cella would continue to make music well into the 90s, most recently dropping her latest album 'Tradi-Emotion’ in 2002.



Caitlin’s birthday photobooth.

We all know Stella Hudgens dated Cody Simpson and now Kylie Jenner is rumored to be dating him but if it really was/is just a rumor I don’t understand why Stella and Kylie stay SO clear from each other.. They seriously have nothing to do with each other. Kylie and Stella friend groups consist of the exact same people Jordyn Woods, Christian Beadles, Anastasia ‘Stassie’ Karanikolaou, Willow Smith, Telana Lynum, Caitlin Beadles and loads more but they never hang out with them people at the same time? The only time I have ever seen a record of them at the same place at the same time is at Caitlin Beadles 18th birthday party on August the 4th and there was a strip of pictures from the photo booth the first picture consisted of (left to right) Kylie Jenner, Jazzlyn Marae, Jordyn Woods and Anastasia Kranikolaou. But then in the second and third picture Kylie wasn’t in the photo and Stella was standing in her place in the photo’s. It could of just been someone called Kylie and she left or just jumped in the photo for the fun of it then Stella did the same once Kylie had moved or maybe they just don’t like each other for a completely different reason I or anyone else are un-aware of. But yeah, I just thought it was a little weird that they don’t hang out together with all their friends.. Maybe Kylie is dating Cody. 

Stella’s Twitter Screen Shot.

Then a screenshot I took from Stella’s twitter the bottom tweet “Everyone Is Entitled To Their Own Opinion” was wrote the 2nd August, “Tonight’s Gonna Be Interesting..” was wrote the 3rd after Caitlin’s birthday party (along with the rest of the tweets shown) and by the sounds of it something eventful happened.. But it could be apsolutley anything

Kylie Jenner’s Twitter Screen Shot

Kylie only tweeted once after the party Which just happens to relate to Stella and Cody breaking up then Kylie and Cody getting together conclusion?


I would like too point out Stella unfollowed Kylie on her privated Instagram. Yes, Stella has a private Instagram, (no I wont tell you what it is but she isn’t using a picture of her as the main photo neither her name and it is set to private so you cant see anything but her followers but I can assure you it is her) Last time I looked through her followers may have been anywhere from 1 week - 2 weeks ago and she could of unfollowed her between that time but she was defiantly following Kylie on that Instagram. Also I would like to point out the pair do not follow each other on Twitter. 

Obrigada. Obrigada por ser essa pessoa linda que você é. Obrigada por me aturar em todos os momentos da vida. Obrigada por não negar sua mão, quando eu lhe peço ajuda. Obrigada por entender meus momentos bipolares. Obrigada por nunca virar as costas para mim, independente do quão rude eu seja. Sei que não ando te agradecendo por nada. Sei que tudo está de forma tão monótomamente chata que existem sim vários desejos de se esquivar. Sei que sou a pior pessoa do mundo, que sou muito agressiva, esquentada, ou do que você preferir chamar. Mas tenho orgulho de te chamar de melhor amiga. Tenho orgulho de ter você em minha vida. E sou eternamente grata por participar de sua vida. Espero ser mais tolerante, ser mais amiga e ter mais cuidado com as palavras. Pois digo com imensa certeza: te amo, e não quero nem pensar em te perder. E não me troque, te imploro, porque não seria ninguém sem você, ninguém. Te amo melhor amiga!

Rayne Pires