I deleted your phone number thinking it’ll help. But then I forgot, my mind memorizes your number, so what the fuck does it matter. I’m always going to look at my phone anyway. And every time I fucking hold my phone, your fucking name is popping in my head. So regardless if I delete your ass it won’t fucking matter. Because truly deeply in my heart your so fucking hard to delete!
—  lubskita

How The Exclamation Mark Went From :-O To ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A friend of mine who I occasionally Gchat with messaged me last night about a guy she’s been seeing on and off for over a year. The nature of their relationship is precarious because this guy is non-committal. While he seems to enjoy her company – they spend Saturdays at bars and Sundays at brunch together – he is not interested in a monogamous relationship with my friend. Of this guy, she chatted me, “I hate him!”

I did not take her proclamation as a literal expression of hatred. For that, she’d have used a period, which in addition to its other functions has taken on the role of notating earnest textual anger. Instead, I saw it as a facetious acknowledgement of her frustrations – a shrug of sorts.

Months ago, her disparaging comments were declarative, but now that their relationship seemed to be settling into a permanent state of flux, her commentary acknowledged her powerlessness – she even seemed amused. The sentence’s punctuation affixed to it a subtext: “oh well! What can you do!” A period would’ve suggested that her complaint was important and needed addressing. The exclamation mark added to it an air of lightness. Read on for how the exclamation mark’s meaning is evolving. 

18 Annoying Things That Should Not Be Socially Acceptable (Even Though They Are)

Cell Phones at Concerts: This is honestly one of the biggest reasons I don’t go to concerts anymore (that and the high ticket prices). I can’t stand when I’m trying to watch something, and 80 cell phones are floating above me. There are always seems to be at least one person who insists on filming the entire show on their phone. I have two questions: Doesn’t your arm get tired? And please, PLEASE tell me when you are going to watch that crappy quality video on your cell phone. Also, you’re rude.