Derp Emblem Hunger Games: Night 7, Day 8, Night 8, Day 9, Arena Event, Night 9, Day 10

And that officially wraps up the Derp Emblem Hunger Games! Thanks to all of you for sticking around until the end; we had a lot of fun! Our winner couldn’t have been anyone better, and he was my personal choice too, so I was super happy he won :D

Congrats Lyon, all of your friends are dead!

You may also find additional info here: http://derpemblemdaily.tumblr.com/derp_emblem_hunger_games

And here is our final strawpoll: http://strawpoll.me/4264600


Finally got a video of my car driving. Excuse my camera focus and my lack of ability to talk and drive manual, It’s hard.

「Celica」”You should join us if you envy it. Shuri and Saria will be more than welcome to have you with us.”

「Roka」”That’s not a bad idea. Living together with you all, I can see it to be a happy life.”