Mechanic Shop/Fast and Furious AU where Roy, Felicity, and Cisco run an underground mechanics shop for street racers on the down low and organize races for everyone against their house team and their superhero names are their nicknames too like

Thea is called Speedy–she drives a dark burgundy Honda s2000.
Oliver is called Arrow–his car is a dark hunter green, almost black Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra
Barry is called Flash–he drives a bright red Toyota Celica though that’s sup’d up to the max with all of the latest tech and stuff.
Ronnie and Caitlin are a duo that does race; but they prefer motorcycles to cars. Together they’re known as Killer Storm, Fire and Ice–Caitlin lures everyone in, thinking that her sweet nature will hinder them; but it’s Ronnie’s passion for the thrill of the race that ignites her own fire for it.

Iris, Barry’s connection to the police force, is what keeps them out of trouble with the law and stuff cause she’s good like that; and Nyssa is their benefactor for when they need the extra money and pulls people into racing with them with Roy and Cisco have their hands full.

But like, two new racers roll into town and they’re a pair of sisters that go by the moniker Canaries. They both drive the same car–Nissan GTRs–except one is midnight black and the other is pearl white.

They want in the group, but the only way to do that is if they win and defeat every single person in the group that races.

That includes Felicity, Roy, and Cisco as well.

So Sara, who drives the white Nissan GTR, easily does so but it’s when Laurel almost gets busted by the police that they’re like “okay, you’re badass. you’re in the group.”

But there’s a mole in the group of racers that they also house and now they’re all on the run all over the world. Roy and Thea are together, Ronnie and Caitlin, Oliver and Felicity, Barry and Iris, and it comes down to Sara, Nyssa, Laurel, and Cisco.

The sisters know they have to split up and it’s the first time ever that they have to, but it’s okay and they make plans to meet up once the heat dies down. And Laurel and Cisco don’t get along at first because Laurel’s hidden, soft, and quiet, and Cisco’s overtly friendly, always talking, and he’s tired of Laurel shutting him out when he’s just trying to help.

And it comes out that Laurel only races because her ex, Tommy, did and she’s honoring his memory. She tells Cisco that Tommy got in trouble with some gang and it cost him his life–it’s his Nissan GTR that she drives and they’re escaping in.

And he tells her about Cindy, the girl he was going to go straight for, get a real job at a real mechanic shop, until she ratted him out to the police and he’s been on the run until he found Roy and Felicity who took him in.

And that’s how Laurel and Cisco bond and they end up criss crossing paths between the others all over the states until they all agree on a safe haven somewhere in Monaco.

Okay bye.