i imagine this is from kakashi’s pov and she’s saying something like “thanks for letting me stay over at your place, sensei.” fresh out of the shower when they are older (hence the long hair) and she’s not exactly shy about being almost naked around him because she trusts him and and and -gets shot- then again it could be from anyone’s pov

i mean, happy birthday, sakura-chan~

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NIckname? Elve (not really, just the name I use for gaming)

Eye colour? Blue

Hair colour? Brown

1 fact about me: idk I’m introverted

favorite colour? Black

favorite place? my bed

favorite celevrity? none, I don’t really keep up with celebritys

favorite animal? cats

favorite song? any song by TOOL

favorite book? idk probably catcher in the rye or wizard of oz

tag 20 people: How about 5

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havnt been able to post for awhile but its nice to come back and see i broke 500 followers, you guys are awesome!!! so to celevrate id like to do something special for you guys, comment with some ideas of what you want to see :)