E quando mi chiedono di te non posso fare altro che sorridere, guardare il cielo e balbettare parole, è come se mi chiedessero di descrivere l'universo e io non sono in grado di spiegare in due parole l'infinito di un così tanto splendore .

24hour shift workers need cocoa and pajamas like pls guys das not healthy.
Also if you don’t think they all meet up secretly at 5am for morning coffee or cocoa together before the villagers wake up then you’re wrong shh.
One last lazy tablet doodle before bed because it is 2am. I’m still not getting the hang of this thing but I guess it takes a while to get used to again.

I overwork myself a lot with work and stuff and forget to sleep, I need someone to tell me to take a break a lot. So if you see this on your dash then it’s time for you to take a break.

The Prince -Kiera Cass

I just re read The Prince and at the part when Maxon is talking to Celeste I just started sobbing. I’m so full of rage right now. Okay. Can we just agree that Celeste was a better friend to America near the end of The One than Marlee EVER was? She would have been the best friend America could ever ask for. The fact that she’s the only one of the girls that got shot is such bs. I’m just so angry. Listening to her talk to Maxon..