15 Minute Class

Remember the days when people wanted to better themselves?  When they aspired to better educations or appreciated having manners and a sense of decorum?

When it wasn’t just about showing their asses on tv so they could extend their 15 minutes into however many VH1 reality shows their agent can get them on?

When did having class become a bad thing?  This isn’t a social thing or a race thing or even a gender thing.  To be a classy person has nothing to do with any of that.  It had and still has everything to do with valuing yourself.

Unfortunately it seems that these days, the only thing people value is how much name/face recognition can get them fame wise.  And to get that, they’re willing to do pretty much anything to keep themselves at that pitiful level of notoriety.

And really, EVERYONE’S doing it!

Retailers are actually encouraging the bad treatment of customers, just so they can then gloat about the promotion this bad behavior has provided them.

Customers are behaving badly and then getting upset when they’re called on it.  But it’s okay, because everyone wins!  The customer gets more blog hits and now the bar has a new insult competition going on.  Hurray for bad behavior all round!

Then of course you have all the famewhores, who are behaving badly on purpose, because IT’S THEIR JOB!  No seriously.

The Salahi’s?  Really America?  Girls Behaving Badly (It’s right there in the name!),  Jersey Shore, Steven Segal: Lawman?  He drove over someone’s pet for fun and he gets paid for it!

They’re all getting paid to behave like that.  Which I guess is the answer to every question I’m asking here.

Bad behavior pays.  Good behavior is boring and no one’s gonna pay you to sit around being good.  They’d rather pay you to humiliate yourself.

Stay classy world.

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