Fangirl Problem
  • Friend:omg i am so in love with the high school quarterback , this boy is my crush .
  • Me:Cool
  • Friend:Who is your crush?
  • Me:* names a celebrity or a band member *
  • Friend:no, like a real person you know ...
  • Me:Ohhh wait what ? I'm soo sorry, its you who dont know ... what is he then? An alien ? A unicorn or something? Lol

Georgette and Rene Magritte in love forever.

When I was 20 Georgette was my celebrity crush (incidentally she’s not a celebrity, I was just pretentious), and I wrote a script inspired by her.  Look at those dreamy eyes.  They still show up in my dreams.


"Baby, let me just please take you to a doctor." "It’s only the common cold. The doctor will tell me to sleep it off." you say to [your celebrity crush]. "The common cold doesn’t last for almost a week. Please, I’ll drive you." You pull the blanket further over your head. "I don’t think I can handle it going in the car to the doctor. I can’t even handle getting dressed." "Fine, I’ll get the doctor here." You sigh, there’s no way you’ll be able to fight [your celebrity crush] when you feel this way. 

"Good afternoon ‘mam." you hear someone say. You open your eyes, and see one of the most attractive people you’ve ever met. What the hell is he doing in your house? You immediately pull up the blanket to your chin. "I’m the doctor." he explains. "If you could sit up? I’ll get you some water to smooth your throat." He leaves the room again, and you stoke over your hair and get some sleep out of your eyes. [Your celebrity crush] is leaning in the door frame, with his hands covered over his chest, looking at you. He raises his eye brows at your motions. "So, what are the symptoms?" the doctor asks, coming back with your water and handing it to you. "Oh, it’s not so bad. Just a cold. And a soar throat." "Okay, open up." he says and watches your throat for a little. "It’s very irritated, but indeed not laryngitis. But it must hurt. You’re a strong girl." "Oh well, thank you" you giggle and ignore [your celebrity crush] rolling his eyes. "I’ll give you a stronger medicine, and stay in bed. You should be fine." You smile and nod. "Thank you doctor" "I’ll let you out." [your celebrity crush] says.

"Thank you doctor." [your celebrity crush] says with an annoying tone in his voice as he comes back into your bed room. "I gave him your number, at your request." "Are you jealous?" you ask. "Next time you want to bring attractive people into my bed room, you better make sure I’m not coming down with a fever." you say, coughing. "So you did think he was attractive." "He was!" you get up and lean against [your celebrity crush]. "But why should I go for someone like that, when I’ve got my very own private doctor? And he’s a lot hotter." "Don’t kiss me, I don’t want to be as hot as you." 

Even if you weren’t famous
I’d still fall in love with you
And over
And over again.

Because I’m not in love
with what you have
I’m in love with what you are

And even if you weren’t famous
And I did fall in love with you
Maybe, perhaps
You’d fall in love with me too

—  If you didn’t think of your celebrity crush you’re lying.
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