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What's your opinion about celebrities

The vast majority of celebrities, either by their own hand or by those whose demands they adhere to for the sake of maintaining their fame, have essentially orchestrated an image that utilizes media in conjunction with various tactics routed in human psychology/biology to compel desire from others. Many music video’s for example, are essentially elaborate mating rituals, theatrical displays of seduction or dominance that entice the viewer.

As conditioned consumers, we will often unconsciously mimic their aesthetics and demeanor as a method of invoking the magnitude of what has effected us so dramatically, unto those within our own environment; a borrowed strategy for social dominance.

Unfortunately, however, most celebrities positions of potentially empowering influence are undermined by their own need to remain desirable by the masses; and so they consent to oppressive social norms,  which are then perpetuated by those of unthinking conformity.