I've waited 9 years for this day. I am not disappointed.

Everything I could have wanted and more for NaruHina. We get them canon in the MANGA-We get the story on HOW they become canon in the fucking movie-we get a glimpse of their KIDS someday-and we get a spinoff of SAID KIDS coming this Spring. We get a SOUNDTRACK with Naruhina on it….we get a volume cover. We get EVERYTHING. 

So fuck Narusaku and all the years we’ve endured their bs. NOTHING can stop us from having a party. NOTHING can ruin this day for me!!! I SWEAR. NARUHINA FANS WHERE YOU AT!?!?! WE NEED TO HAVE A PARTY

Thanks you guys. I love this fandom so much! ♥


You know how much you liked Andre Iguodala’s left-handed tomahawk over Dwight Howard during Warriors-Rockets Game 2? Yeah, you didn’t like it as much as Stephen Curry.