I’m split on this entire situation. On one hand, I want Carlos back in Night Vale, and I want him and Cecil to live happily ever after.

On the other hand, if we are to believe that The University of What it Is backstory is true (and I see no reason why we shouldn’t right now), then Carlos had a life outside of Night Vale. He had a career, and friends and family who loved him.

Hell! He may have had a boyfriend! Or maybe even a spouse and child!

And to them, he’s been missing for decades.



Hey Cecil
  • Hey Cecil
  • sweetprincemoth

Just a silly little song from Carlos’ point of view. :) The best recording I could get… I might do it over sometime, but until then…!

Hey Cecil

Hey Cecil, there is something I would like to know
Why do you talk about me on your radio show
I’m pretty sure I don’t know you, you don’t know me
But things are never quite just how they ought to be

It’s everything and nothing, you see
And it carries on so blissfully
A timeless town, quite literally
And I don’t know why 
But it’s more than home to me

Hey Cecil, wonder if you’ll listen for a change
I’ve seen so many things and I find them kinda strange
I won’t stop calling you ‘til I’ve discovered why
All these animals are raining from the sky

Hey Cecil, I think there is someone at my door
I’m peering through the curtains, hiding on the floor -
- what was I talking about? I do not recall…
Are you free tomorrow afternoon? That is all

We understand the lights above the Arby’s
We understand each other, too
I wonder if you can see what I see
I’m scientifically falling for you

It’s everything and nothing, you see…

Hey Cecil, this time I’ve a different plan in mind
I’m calling for personal reasons of a kind
I enjoyed your company - we could make it a date
If you’re all for it, then I’ll pick you up at eight

It’s everything and nothing, you see
And it carries on so blissfully
A timeless town, quite literally
But now I know why

He’s more than home to me

also carLOS can you imagine carlos, carlos coming to this terrifying small desert community where the clocks don’t work— where TIME DOESN’T WORK— where nothing makes sense and you’re A SCIENTIST and there’s this radio host, this overwhelming radio host who looks at you with these overwhelming unblinking shadowed eyes, you can never quite tell how many eyes, and he seems DANGEROUS, he seems too much, what nonsense he talks on the radio (how can this place really be like this how can he really be like this??) once when you are telling him about your science (NOT FOR PERSONAL REASONS, you are SERVING THE COMMUNITY, this senseless dangerous community falling over itself about street cleaners, you are here to help) you watch him nodding and his jaw is inexplicable as the Void (WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU) and he is making a note on his blackberry, his long dark fingers typing slowly (the keyboard is still touchy from the blood, he explains and you want to shout and kiss him), and you offer him a pen and he throws it on the ground and stomps on it NO CARLOS, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THIS, WRITING INSTRUMENTS ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, and he doesn’t make any sense, you want to touch him, you want to undo his absurd buttons and see if he trembles as you tremble, you want to graph the angles of his face, you’re a scientist, you find yourself calling him almost every day— not for personal reasons!!! you tell him and yourself— to tell him important science announcements— for safety— and to listen to his low voice curl excited around your ear, and to hear him stutter into the receiver, you hear him on the radio talking about you, how could you not hear? and how can he talk so brazenly like this, you’ve never felt like this, and you touch your hair absently and self consciously and you’re so aware of your body and your mouth and his mouth and he’s looking at you, he’s always looking at you and you don’t know what to say, his words build a new universe inside of you and he’s weird and weird and weird and you’re— you’re a scientist, and you listen to him say good night, good night, and you close your eyes because he’s so much and his world is so big and you’re a scientist and your heart shivers inside of you

because of science