Of Flattery, Self-Love, and Curiosity

Yesterday, during the White Day Cebu 2013 introduction, we were told to say three things about us—two of which are true and on is a lie. The rest of the group will have to guess which of the three is the lie. Some sort of a getting-to-know activity.  So I went ahead and told you these:

  1. I am twenty years old.
  2. I am a cosplayer.
  3. I am allergic to alcoholic beverages.

The most unified answer I got was that I lied about being allergic to alcoholic beverages, but I really am allergic to alcoholic beverages. They induce asthma and make my skin turn red, sexy red (lol). I am also a cosplayer. So the leaves me being twenty as the lie I told. Actually, I heard a few people who “guessed” it right, but I am guessing they were Sunshine and the others who asked my age before the activity started.

And even during and after the activity, I kept getting comments that I look younger than my actual age when I told them how old I am. You, guys, flattered me and fueled me with much narcissism. HAHAHA! But, really, I am curios as to how old you really thought I was. Can you please tell that? How old do you think I was or am (for those who I was not able to tell me real age)?

My White Day Cebu 2013 Experience

I am not originally from Cebu, and being a local foreigner (this is quite an oxymoron, but anyway), I find it hard to make new friends. I even have few friends from the local cosplay community. And White Day Cebu 2013 gave a new channel for me to make new friends whom I share the same passion with—blogging.

It was a really fun day for me as I got to meet new people—all are wonderful by the way—and I gained so much, especially a pair of feet that are now aching and numb at the same time. I learned that clues should be taken literally sometimes and not just figuratively (especially that “Take me home, Kuya”). I also learned that when the security guard tells you where to go, it’s a wise decision to believe them (he solved the clue “At your SERVICES,” but we did not believe him). Let alone the compliments/flattery that I look younger than I actually am, which I savored so much. HAHAHA!

I also want to apologize to the pair that I yielded, but I guess it’s okay because you did not come last (karma is such a bitch). Patrick (heredero), sorry ‘coz I thought you were older than you actually are. HAHA!

I want to thank all those who wrote on my shirt. Because of you all, I was able to get the pin I lusted for since I saw it on the event page on Facebook. :P

There were a lot of people I wish I talked to, but am sure there will be a time for that. I want to post photos of my shirt and my other mementos of the events, but my phone’s camera has been acting up since the race started. Sucks. I guess all those photos will have to wait.

I am pretty sure there will be a bigger and better White Day Cebu next year, and I can’t wait for it. We should hang out together again.

How about you, how was your White Day Cebu 2013 experience?

Finally, my phone’s camera is up and working. Thank you for making my shirt this messy. Because of this, I won the pin that I so lusted for. :P

This is actually my class shirt. Now, it’s all messy. But no matter, it shows my connection to people I share the same passion with: English, literature, and blogging. My classmates and new found friends. :)


@thenipolsaurusrex: HAHA! I know. So I thank you for letting go of the title so I can have the pin! :) You deserve a kiss. Here, mwah!

@dolllllly: Most of you, organizers, are busy to make yesterday a success, so yeah. But maybe we can all meet occasionally over coffee or some heck of food trip, ayt? :)

@erikwithaka: The DDR thing was actually nice. If it hadn’t been a race, I would have enjoyed it, except that I was really close to failing.

@potatofieldsforever: Thanks, Pat! Haven’t read yours yet.

@ryannreyes: Yes, we really should.

anonymous said:

u know how to bake? :O ur awesomeness is overflowing!

Y u go anon?! Hahaha! Clearly you’ve read our baking thread in FB. :P

Yes, I know how to bake. I took up culinary arts, which includes baking and liquor mixing, when I was in high school for home economics, and I fell in love with baking so I continued to bake after then. Thanks for the compliments too. :*