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NGC 7714 Gets a Galactic Boost

Back in October of 2011, Hubble snapped a lovely photo of NGC 7714, a galaxy that has just been through a close call with its companion galaxy, NGC 7715, and the same galaxy that played host to a supernova in 1999.

This close encounter has been underway for about 150 million years, but the process has yielded NGC 7714 new life.
In this photo, the companion galaxy, NGC 7715 is just out of frame to the right, but clearly visible is a vibrant bridge of stars that extend out from NGC 7714, and onto its companion. This is thanks to the incredible gravity of NGC 7715, which influenced NGC 7714 and effectively ripped its stars out.

Although NGC 7714 lost a great percentage of its resident stars, the close encounter between the two galaxies has erupted large scale star formation by moving around the gas and dust within it. The blue light that appears to be splashing out from the core of NGC 7714 (Beautifully, might I add) is millions of young, hot, newborn stars that came to life as a result of this near miss.

As time goes on, NGC 7714 and 7715 will eventually continue their gravitational dance around each other until one swallows the other, creating a much larger, irregular galaxy.


Image Credit: NASA/ESA
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