A saudade está apertando tanto que já se tornou uma dor física. É como se me dessem uma surra a cada dez segundos.
—  Contando Estrelas. 
Não vale a pena mover montanhas por quem não é capaz de dar uma volta no quarteirão por você.
—  Contando Estrelas. 
The Doctor is a tremendous optimist and he sees the positive…You’ll see him confront a bad situation, and he’ll make a joke about it, he’ll lighten the mood; the nicest thing about playing him is that he cares. He believe himself to be the last of the Time Lords, a man with no home, and that gives him a sadness, a loneliness that’s key to his relationship with Rose. He’s basically saying he’s lonely, he wants somebody to travel with him. He seems very fond of the human race for some reason but, equally, if the human race behaves unpleasantly towards an alien he takes it very personally, calls them stupid apes and gets frustrated with their cruelties and negativity. He wishes they’d open their minds.
—  Christopher Eccleston, Doctor Who: The Inside Story