Barrios Beats and Blood

Drug war and hip hop in Ciudad Juárez 

A film by Ioan Grillo and John Dickie

Ella es una chica linda desconocida, íbamos caminando mi amigo Luis y yo, pasamos frente a ella y dije “Oh ella es linda y se ve bien chida como la maquillaron quiero tomarme una foto con ella” y asi fue nos acercamos y le pregunte si se tomaría una foto conmigo, nos la tomamos le dije gracias nos sonreímos y me fui. Y después me dice Luis me puse mas nervioso yo y eso que solo tome la foto jajaja!! 

Proof that my Juarez is getting less shitty every day. For non-spanish speakers, this sign is the equivalent of a sign saying “pedestrians have the right of way” with a huge “love has” sticker covering “pedestrians have”

Pact Calls for End to the Drug War

Mexico Peace Caravan’s Long Road Ends (Begins) With Pact Signed in Juárez

In a darkened plaza at the foot of the Monument to Juárez, Javier Sicilia, civic leaders and scores of victims signed the National Civil Pact for Peace with Justice and Dignity.

Hundreds of participants in the caravan and Juarez citizens gathered for the event cheered as pen was finally put to paper.

The signing followed sometimes difficult debates, long hours on the road and a process that included both bonding experiences and internal controversies.

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Text to the National Civil Pact for Peace with Justice and Dignity.

Photo: Reuters 

In El Paso, we’re known for our heat, dust, and winds. March, April, and May are the windiest months of the year. ASARCO was demolished not a week ago; in the middle of May. I live close to ASARCO, not as close as Cd. Juaréz, but close enough to where my house shook and the windows rattled. I also live pretty close to the Franklin Mountains, and the winds usually sweep down the mountains towards the west, southwest.

It’s still blustery outside, and the winds seemed to be moving north, northwest blowing all the dust from ASARCO into Juaréz, Sunland Park, and of course El Paso. Me, my mom, my brothers, are all nursing headaches. My girl up the block from me and her brother both have headaches. This demolition was ill planned, and done in a haphazard way. Lord knows what contaminants we’re breathing in. Thanks again Paul Foster!