soidjfso Really really late Spring Formal picture, AHAHAH– ; u ;

[[I think I spent so long on this picture that my style changed by the time I started drawing butchering Due.;;; ANDOHGAWDIJUSTREALIZEDMYMISTAKESINANATOMYFFFFFFFF]]


Still $9 per poster!

Due : Both

Vahn : Both

Qian : Both

Becka : Both

!! If anyone else wants one, there is still 3 weeks left for me to print stuff so let me know!

I’m assuming I can just give these to due, vahn, and qian at AX? Did you guys want that?

Becka, did you want me to ship this to you?

(and of course I have ethans(: )

Let me know everyone!!

ccvahn replied to your post: HEYBABE.

OMGLOL. 105. OF COURSE. DUDE. YOUR GALLERY, MAN. YOURS. DSOFIJSODIFJDSJI Oh. Have I told you~ Lately~ That I love you~

Sexiest 105 year old ever. NOU, YOUR GALLERY asdjhajskdh. Ily to babe 8D

Why thank you, Miss Pina! I must say, I love your choice in lack of clothing as well! Usually, I do not show this to people, but since you so kindly requested…

Behold, my wardrobe full of invisible clothing!