Dying of laughter

Thinking about funny Chung Cheng days
Where the girls toilet cubicle forever got bloody nose dirts stuck there
Freaking hilarious
Charlene Chow forever COUNTING them when she shitting wtf
I’m laughing so hard thinking about this right now
Really damn funny cannot take it why are there such idiots


1) I really love pink a lot <3 
2) I love and shopping and dressing up I just love clothes la hor 👗👖👚💄
3) I have never liked anyone from cchms before HAHAHAHHA the most is finding ppl good looking
4) I used to prefer HM 11/12 to FG 13/14 ’ BUT NOW I LOVE BOTH EQUALLY 💕💕💕💕💕
5) I love watching movies I can watch the same movie again and again without getting bored hehe
6) EDS is practically my family 🎭
7) I treasure all my friends a lot a lot (:
8) I think I care more about my friends than myself 😂
9) I love cheese so much I can’t
10) that explains why pizza and baked rice are my favourite (:
11) I love travelling ✈️
12) I make a lot of typos HAHAH
13) Cb my hair length nv changed when its tied up since sec 1 but when I let it down different story ok
14) I’m retarded
15) I like to think I’m normal and all my friends are the weird ones
16) I like the beach 🌴
17) I was from choir in primary sch HAHAHAHHAAH
18) I damn bhb one HAHA
19) I hardly get angry at people easily but if I do it will only last for awhile ( with the exception @darilynnoxo )
20) I laugh at everything legit
21) tag some people who have alr done before but wtv la