This week’s WORK THE LOOK is becoming WORK THE BOOK for the amazing artist and designer EIKO ISHIOKA. Her books EIKO BY EIKO and EIKO ON STAGE are truly a lesson in art. Her works have appeared in numerous ad campaigns,designed costumes for the Olympics, and you’ve definitely seen her creations in tons of movies. Some of her most notable screen works have been in the films BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA and THE CELL.Who could forget the divine “lizard wedding dress” or the muscle inspired armor Dracula wears in the opening sequence? Both books (published in 1990 and 2000 respectively) give an amazing inside look at the costumes and process behind the making of them. Painstakingly crafted, most of the clothing is on display at art museums around the world. We no longer have EIKO as she passed from pancreatic cancer in 2012 but we do have her brain teasing pieces forever. We highly recommend picking up these books, put them on your coffee table and watch as your guests look in awe at the pages. EIKO FOREVER.




There has always been a struggle when trying to create something both marketable and artistic. How does one translate the concept of a record or a clothing line into a visual masterpiece? Design duo M/M PARIS have done this numerous times over the last 20 years. Their visual style is very unique and playful and has allowed them to work with everyone from BJORK to MADONNA, and CALVIN KLIEN. Influenced by post punk and their schooling at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, M/M have gone past photographs and have even directed music videos. Directly after school the duo began work in the music industry designing album sleeves for local artists. Moving from music to fashion was an easy transition for them and they began work on the launch of YOHJI YAMAMOTO’S  Y’S range. They didn’t stop in fashion as the two men have also set designed for 2004’s ANTIGONA.

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Our DD pick is French tattoo artist Xoil. His artwork is very unique and includes stamp like graphics as well as what looks like felt-tip pen detailing. Tattoos are very much a part of our current culture and should (ideally) last a lifetime. When going to get one done you should always remember that invested planning should play a major role in your decision making. This is definitely an excellent example of an instance where you will get what you pay for. Invest wisely. #CCAPPROVED #XOIL #DREAMDESIGN #GETINTOIT

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Video has become the fastest growing medium in the fashion world and its no surprise because so much more is possible aesthetically.On the forefront of this movement are RUTH HOGBEN and NICK KNIGHT. The 2011 collaboration that Ruth filmed with designer GARETH PUGH is nothing short of genius. They have worked together on many occasions (and most commissioned by Knight’s fashion blog SHOWSTUDIO) but this one not only showcases his clothing, it was also used for his Italian fashion debut at PITTI. Thumping industrial music and high contrast lighting are the perfect pairing for Pugh’s otherworldly inventions.Put on some headphones, turn off the lights, and take in the power of this film.