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There’s sort of this recurring thing with paper cranes in Code Geass, right? Nuannlly starts folding them in R1 after sayoko teaches her. At that point, she also mentions the story about how 1000 paper cranes will grant you a wish, and that her wish is for a gentler world.

A lot of characters in the anime worked toward the goal of a “gentler world” (though they defined this idea differently or took different paths) using the power of geass.

It’s a bit of a stretch, but there could be a comparison between the paper crane and the often bird like symbol of Geass.

And there’s that line in the last episode where Lelouch says to Suzaku, “Geass is similar to a wish, don’t you think?” 

Paper cranes = symbolic of wishes/ the means for granting people’s wishes. Perhaps even more specifically, the wish for a gentler world.

SO THEN. IN THE VERY LAST SCENE OF THE SHOW. CC says the last line and the credit music starts to play over the final shot (the picture above).

Geass. A wish. A wish is what drove every character in the show. A wish is why they all fought. Lelouch finally achieved everyone’s wish for a better world … and that wish lives on without him and BECAUSE of him. that is the final message of the show.

i just got this.

Fucking symbolism at it again. 


Hello simmers, its been a while since i’ve uploaded some content SO here’s some McDonald’s signs and very few clutter tbh and some Starbucks signs Yeaaah.

So lets explain this so no one goes 50 shades of confusion.

First 2 pictures are very self explanatory, 3 Starbucks signs

  • The next two are 2 Mc signs and the traditional Mc bench
  • The last one has this random metallic serving table i made soooo long ago, With a Mc full meal and a random hello kitty gift toy. 

So, I hope you like it.

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